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  • Excellent news

  • (it's 3million apparently)

  • Hopefully the sell-on is enough to pay off the Americans.

  • If we sold him for Β£150k and the sell on was 15% that would make:

    • Β£2.85mil profit
    • Β£427.5k sell on fee

    "If" being the key word in all of that, hopefully the club will give some more insight.

  • Obviously any receipt is good news in the current climate, and we have known about this likelihood for a while. Still Β£3m seems a slightly disappointing figure for Kortney Hause.

    With Kadeem Harris released (despite playing a few games in the premier league) and Ingram's career apparently stalled, recent sell on income must be considered slightly disappointing.

    Future cupboard looks extremely bare - LON at a push is a possibility but at 24 and with his club likely to be upwardly mobile, a little hard to see how that would be a money spinner. Gape likely to leave on a free. Can't think of anyone else.

  • Scrapping the youth team surely puts calling sell on income as disappointing as a pretty pointless comment.
    The club took the view that the cost outlay wasn't worth the potential income. Glad to see Hause given another crack at the big league and really pleased the club will get some 'football fortune.

    Signed up for the 500 club yet @DevC ?

  • Have you joined the 500 Club @DevC? Every little helps...

  • Apologies @Right_in_the_Middle for repetition... Your post wasn't displaying when I typed my "genuinely interested" question to his lordship.

  • I think the repetition adds something @LeedsBlue

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    I think the repetition adds something @LeedsBlue

    Some might call it delicious irony in this case.

  • I imagine that the sell on clause injected into Hause's deal would be the same as Jordan Ibe's..? Would they have gone with including a stock rate when selling these lads on..?

    Can we not go back and find out what our return from the Ibe deal was and estimate from there..?

  • Just like the VAR thread, another thread seems to have deteriorated very quickly from an uncontroversial post about a matter affecting the club into yet more personal stuff.

    I have answered your direct question on the 500 club thread (or will do in a minute).

    On a wider note, I have no problem whatsoever with a well aimed goodnatured witty putdown. The gasroom however seems to be becoming an increasingly unpleasant place full of aggression and increasingly lacking humour. I can make my own decisions of course and maybe my presence is part of the problem but with a potentially difficult season ahead, I do wonder if it might be better to tone it down a little. I guess that's a decision for others to make.

    Meanwhile my good wishes to Mr Hause playing in the premier league. I hope he succeeds. If he doesn't the reported Β£1.5m annual salary may ease the pain a touch.

  • Failing to see the wit in your post or aggression in any response @DevC .

  • There wasn't much appetite for my idea for Dev to have his own "sticky" thread - a single place for his "stuff"

    Twin benefits - no hijacking from Dev, but the hate squad know where to stay away from.

  • As for Hause - seems so long ago that he played for us. I wouldn't have recognised him from that pic!
    Glad he's got his move, but 3m is a bargain for a centre back moving to a Prem team!

    Really hope we got a terrific deal.
    But either way, Dobbo et al - what an incredible batch of young'uns they produced! Single handedly saving the club's future really with those deals - simple as that.

  • Malone is right about Dobbo, an underrated figure at the club and so important to what we’ve achieved.

  • Hear hear to that.

  • Who underrates Dobbo? Certainly not the fans I speak with, GA or the players. There's been a lot of praise for his excellent work over the last few years, and rightly so.

  • Let’s hope the potential Hause β€œwindfall” and the ongoing talks with potential benefactors won’t deter people from chipping in to the 500 Club. A lot of money will need to be spent by the latter (if they materialise) on the infrastructure of the stadium.

  • Apparently Wolves paid us Β£175,000 for him and included a clause in the loan agreement with Villa that they had option to buy so unable to negotiate a higher price despite other interest. In premiership terms Villa have got themselves an absolute bargain.

  • Quite! 3m for a centre back with good experience in the championship, going to a Prem team!

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