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Contract news



  • @rg9wwfc said:

    @Glenactico said:
    I imagine the basic wage is lowish with incentives for goals and games. If he starts scoring then the contract could be valuable for us as he may be a player that could be sold for decent £.

    Almost certainly I would imagine...

    Can't see it being more than 1.5k a week and that may be on the high side given our current situation...

    I reckon something along the lines of...

    1k -1.5k p/w (5-10% increase per year maybe..?)
    150 start
    100 bench
    100 home win
    150 away win
    100 goal

    If we win at home and he scores I reckon he's taking the best part of 1.5k home that week...

    With 6 players released I reckon the best part of 8k-10k p/w on wages was freed up so maybe GA only had to increase his wage by around £500 a week or so..?

    I'd say that's probably reasonable given his age, he's shown he can go on a run of goals and we're probably relying on loans next year too so may not have to forfeit too much of that weekly cash to the bigger clubs (providing they are feeling kind and don't want us to contribute too much to their wages!!) and we can offer better wages to potential permanent signings or renewing contracts.

    You’ve been playing too much football manager.

  • A few years old but may be worth a read:

    This paragraph caught my eye:

    Appearance bonuses might also apply to matches in which the player appears as substitute, often with a different amount payable for appearances before or after a specified time in the match (a common cut off is the 70th or 75th minute).

  • Scott Kashket would be more injury-free if he just stayed around the penalty area & not out on the wing. He has the potential to be our version of Jamie Cureton if only he’s played in the right position. He a natural goalscorer & should be in the box more often than not.

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  • Totally agree, he's wasted out wise. He has the unique ability that certain dimuntive stikers have, in being able to build up acceleration in a split second, to create the extra space to get a shot away. Sterling has it, as does Defoe and day I say Leon Knight had it.

  • I think the jury is still out on that one.

    His late season form was very much down to his shift to the wing and I’d like to see a bit more of him out there. He certainly wasn’t wasted out there, he added plenty to our late season burst that kept us in the division.

    He showed that he could drift in off the flank to turn up unmarked in dangerous positions rather than getting marked out the game. He also showed he knew how to track back too.

    More lower league Messi than Cureton for me.

  • Leon Knight? Wash your mouth out!

  • Scott Kashket needs to spend more time in the box than he did last season.

  • @TheatreOfChairs , struggling to see your comparison.
    Kashket is a finisher, often using electric pace to get onto through balls.

    But he's not a dribbler or a creator.

  • I agree he should be played through the middle and taken off after each hat-trick. Now he's signed i assume the People who thought he would not sign now believe him to be an injury prone poor signing?

  • And now The Beast.

  • Bayo signed for another year. Excellent news I'd say

  • Great stuff

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