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Wycombe v Preston

Nice initiative from the club to relive the Wembley trip as though live today on Twitter. Great idea well executed. Well done (presumably) Matt Cecil.


  • Don’t always agree with @drcongo but yes excellent feature.

    A quarter of a century - what happened to those years..... Lots of great memories there and a few surprises - did the first two goals really come so late in the first half and not in the first 15 minutes? Did Carroll’s epic really come so early in the second? Did Martin really look that young?

  • A nice reminder that Carroll's first was the best goal he scored that day

  • This was absolutely fantastic - well done to all involved. The match was a bit before my time, so it was a huge revelation to learn that Rhino used to have hair when he played for us!

  • @eric_plant said:
    A nice reminder that Carroll's first was the best goal he scored that day

    Agreed. His second looks like an absolute worldy to most people, but that's because they don't know that Carroll's left foot is pure vapour and he's just trying to get it on his right that whole time.

  • thirded. The first Carroll goal is a goal built on teamwork and telepathy. A thing of the utmost beauty. The second's not bad either.

  • Garner's final pass is Bergkamp-esque

  • It’s the debate that comes up every year on MOTD’s Goal of the season. Which is better, a flowing move involving several players or a moment of individual brilliance?
    Davie’s first was indeed a wonderful team goal, but the second was pure genius on his part. To run that far, beat that many opponents and still have the ability to find the gets my vote.

  • We really did score some crackers at Wembley under Martin didn’t we?

    Westy’s diving header from the Scott curling, inch perfect cross is my personal favourite, but either of Jesus’s efforts just as special in their different ways.

  • Great watch that. Still think it was the best Wycombe performance I've seen. Shame they missed out Garner's wrongly disallowed goal from the half way line though!

  • Also missed Garner's post match interview. When asked what he thought of Jesus' second goal, "He should have passed it to me.'

  • Preston's No7 was a dirty player though, I wonder what ever happened to him.

  • That Dave Carroll solo goal is such an odd goal.

    He seems to be in slow motion, and totally one footed, yet completely bamboozled their whole defence.

  • It was the fourth best goal imho. Didn't go past anyone, they just backed off and backed off.

  • Can you still buy video machines? Just dug out 'The Only Way is Up' but frustratingly can't watch it.

  • You're in luck, LX1. A two-part monster:

  • Great insight from the commentator at 1:07:37 on video 1

  • @LX1 said:
    It was the fourth best goal imho. Didn't go past anyone, they just backed off and backed off.

    Are you sure? Let’s put this in context: Wycombe have a one goal lead with Preston pushing for an equaliser; Carroll collects the ball inside his own half, has five players plus the goalkeeper trying to stop him yet still finds the net with a shot from outside the penalty area.
    And you describe it as ‘didn’t go past anyone, they just backed off’! You must have been one hell of a good player if you can’t see the brilliance in that goal.

  • Think you might be taking @LX1 's post a bit too seriously @glasshalffull .

    Great coverage of the day by the clubs media team. Looking forward to similar coverage of the bus parade now.

  • You might be right but LX1 has an unusual style and I’m never sure whether or not he’s being serious!

  • For LX1 there's no such thing as serious or not serious. He's basically situationist art.

  • Come on @glasshalffull , if you can't read LX1 there really is no hope for you.

  • Thanks @CindyIncidentally. I wonder if the baby being carried down the catwalk by Paul Hyde after 2 minutes is a gasroom poster

  • @Lloyd2084 There was a goal in the Championship play off final (I think Villa’s opener?) which made me think ‘that’s a carbon copy of Westy’s goal from Scotty’s cross’. It’s only from memory though, not having seen Local Hero’s goal for many years.

  • @LeedsBlue It's right at the start of first video above

  • edited May 2019

    It could be pure nostalgia, mixed with being such a young age, but that promotion team had so many all time likeable players, with such long service for us.

    Guppy, Cousins, Carroll, Ryan, Crossley, Creaser, Hyde, Thompson.

    Throw in Garner for cult hero status as well, and that was a ridiculous team for heroes.

    Brownie in the party, and Scotty supporting having left earlier that season, and it's just pure unadulterated nostalgia.

  • @LX1 Excellent - thanks! I conclude that Westy’s goal was better as he actually made contact with his head, the Villa goal came off the guy’s shoulder. Uncannily similar Wembley goals, though.

  • Yes, thanks @LX1. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Westy’s goal from that angle before.

    I had the official club video and i’m pretty certain Scott crossed from the far wing in that version.

    What struck me as being so different to today’s regime watching the season highlights was the expectation that we were going to win every match and each dropped point hurt visibly hurt Sir Martin to recount. It was clear he’d gone over every game dozens of times in his head to learn what had gone wrong as he had a detailed explanation for every one.

    It was also interesting to see him yet to be convinced that Brownie was a great purchase. Ha!

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