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Season Tickets

The Power Group are claiming we've already sold 2000, was there ever a figure for the final number sold before the start of the season last term?


  • We seem to hear that numbers are "encouraging" every year, and more years than not are "ahead of last year's sales".

    I always wonder if it's actually true, or geniusly manipulation of dates/figures.

  • @Wendoverman Club said 'over 2,500' a while back, when the launch for the new season was announced. Not sure whether that was before the start of the season, or the final figure.

  • Cheers both. Hopefully another gritty survival battle will be enjoyed/endured by us all and one or two surprising previously unknown heroes will emerge.

  • The Power Group speak with a forked tongue!

  • Have our ITK brothers been seen yet? Spotters badge for the first to see them.

  • I assume richie is in Kids club at Butlins, Trevor is waiting until we announce the players who will fail to keep us up and the others have been identified and eliminated by The Power Group.

  • When did we get taken over by Kim Jong Un?

    I find it hard to believe the club have lied year on year about season ticket sales.

  • Given the super early early launch this year, it would be a pretty poor show if we weren't ahead of last year's figures, simply on that fact alone.

  • Just a point but do the figures include the U12's no cost tickets?

  • @LeedsBlue , that's the trickery I was alluding to earlier.

    Other tricks include giving out free season tickets to certain age kids, but counting them in the stats.

    edit - just seen Valley Wanderers post above.
    Yes they deffo do!They're not idiots!

  • It's when they also give these free kids tickets the same priority as proper paid STHs to cup tickets it gets a little bollocksy

  • In retrospect, I guess from a club perspective, it sounds better to say 2000 rather than 1700 or so. The great unwashed public are basically heard instinct creatures and tend to rush into 'what everyone else is doing'. I'd prefer to call it sensible marketing not trickery or 'Power Group' manipulation. We're still deep in the do-do though!

  • @ValleyWanderer if we were owned by someone we would be suspecting their every move too. The default of a football fan is to believe we are being tricked and manipulated by someone or other. I like to think 2000 proud chairpeople have bought an st and are also bringing their grasping freeloader children.

  • Getting annoyed with kids who are season ticket holders getting priority for all ticket games is on a par with getting annoyed by senior citizens getting a discount for me

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    Well, we all know senior citizens are the most affluent amongst us and should probably pay more. Aint that right Dev.

  • Keep them kids away....the club doesn't need them (yet)...and as for them older people with their socialistic pensions and Ferraris and butlers and that...

  • Free kids tickets in the centre of the Woodlands are a bad idea.

    Or maybe it was just the feral children with no interest in the game that I appeared near me. Cheap baby sitting for Mum I suppose

  • "feral"

    Jesus Christ......

  • Eric are you on some sort of sense of humour loss trip today?
    I don't think anyone is really being super serious on here, bar perhaps you.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Keep them kids away....the club doesn't need them (yet)...and as for them older people with their socialistic pensions and Ferraris and butlers and that...

    I've never considered bringing my butler to a Wycombe thoughtless of me! Can't get the Ferrari up the unmade bank to the top car park either so I tend to come by sedan chair. Before anyone get's all jealous about my socialistic final salary pension, I can tell you it's not that good any longer as it won't even stretch to more than 2 weeks in the Seychelles by private jet! I've had to downgrade and book first class on an airline with other people in the plane!! I suppose I could consider investing in a football club. Anyone know of one that might be interested?

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    @ValleyWanderer Your story has touched my heart do you have a just giving page I can contribute to to help you through this difficult time or I can get my feral children to go door to door demanding cash...

  • I like the gasroom, sometimes. Pure open generosity. My communications team have been wrong footed and say they are unsure of this 'just giving' thing. 'Just taking' is my normal route but hey, they say opposites attract! There were a couple of teams playing for a cup tonight and the losing one looked like it could do with some investment. Whaddya think?

    Thanks @Wendoverman, I really do love the Gasroom at times????.
    P.S My Skoda can indeed make it up the car park bank without the 'butler' pushing.(Seychelles however, may have some truth.....?)

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