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what will 2019/20 season bring

with no new threads on WW I thought I would start one!
contracts- who do we think will resign for next season ? of the 3 who is most likely to stay/leave ? who wolls we prefer to keep if only 2 of the 3 decided to sign up?

new players - realistically do you think we will sign ant experienced pros who know the league? anything to excite us fans ?

League position- if the season started today ,where do you think we will finish?

GA- who thinks he will be with us by xmas ? especially if his hands are tied and cannot sign players he wants ? he deserves better and should/could get a team with more ambition in our league at least....Lincoln who have budget for example (if cowley brothers leaves ?


  • My assumption is that the trust board are working on something positive re funding, in order to allow us to sign some players. They havebeen very quiet lately.

  • Signings are so difficult to guess at this stage, as we have to wait until after the musical chairs has stopped, for the most part. I do think of the three players, Kashket and Bayo are likely, with Gape far less likely.

    I think we are going to stay up, too, despite whatever gets thrown at us!

  • I can’t see any new β€˜exciting’ signings on the horizon and of the 3 I feel that only Scotty may sign. Gape will obviously be snapped up and I think Bayo may prefer his swan song in League 2 where he is under a bit less pressure.

    I think up until January it will all be about the loanees. If Gareth is able to get a few unproven youngsters or sidelined pros I think he will relish the challenge. But I don’t think he’ll have a clue what the squad will look like until mid-July.

  • I saw our goalkeeping coach at the Charlton v Sunderland Final making notes as he was sat in front of Sasa Ilic, Wonder who he had his eye on.

  • Dillon Phillips? Mouhamadou-Naby Sarr?

  • If bayo is having one more season I think he will stay with us. I'm excited about another league one campaign whoever we sign or don't sign myself. I also doubt if gaz is with us at the start of the season he will jump ship midseason. I think we will win some, lose some, draw some and stay up. No doubt Portsmouth and Sunderland are already favourites for promotion. Football, eh?

  • @fedup1980 said:
    I saw our goalkeeping coach at the Charlton v Sunderland Final making notes as he was sat in front of Sasa Ilic, Wonder who he had his eye on.

    That was Andy from WWSET/FFIT.

  • I think it is absolutely amazing that we are on a par with a club like Sunderland; both staying in League 1 and drawing our matches. With the disparity in budgets (I heard that their parachute payment was 8 times our annual TURNOVER!) it is a real achievement.

    Oh, and the Titanic never made it to New York.

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