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WWFC Promotional Video

Anyone remember this promotional video from 2005?
WARNING - contains a mention of the C******y Stadium.


  • Could have done with a Steve Hayes' Face warning too mate.

  • @drcongo Must admit I did think about that as well.

  • 2005! It’s like something from another age entirely.

  • @Chris A few of the same topics as now though, e.g. better food bar service.

  • If I had a quid for every shot of the logo in that.....

    (I'd probably have enough for about 10 minutes worth of interest on one of their loans)

  • Got a bit teary eyed seeing how well stocked the club shop was back then. Can't even get a mug these days

  • I love the positivity though. Beats all the gloom and doom that we see all too often on the gasroom

  • Do we @North_of_the_Border ? I thought that tended to be more the preserve of the FB fans. Considering the difficult situation, financially, at the club, I think people generally are in pretty good heart.

  • I agree with Micra, apart from one or two notable exceptions, I think the gasroom posters are generally realistic and positively optimistic compared to most of those who populate the FB page.

  • How young did Tyson look!

  • Was a nice reminder of how lucky we were to get Tyson back for a couple of seasons, and how good he still was.

    A shame he didn't play that often last season but I feel it was a privilege to have seen him pull on the quarters again. A true Wycombe legend in my eyes

  • Spot on @eric_plant. I looked at his youthful visage (not that he’s changed that much!) and thought “if only....” though the years and injuries have clearly taken their toll. [Remember Gary and Steve? Where are they now?]

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