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Chris Hughton sacked by Brighton

The insanity of the Premier league continues to astound me. In this age of mega money at the top, what do clubs like Brighton seriously expect to achieve beyond survival? God forbid Ainsworth leaves any time soon but if he did, I'd love to have Hughton here (however unlikely that is to happen).


  • So CH got Newcastle, Norwich and Brighton promoted and he gets the sack from each of them. Hope he got another big pay day but yes @MindlessDrugHoover what BHA were expecting I have no idea.

  • Dreadful.. he's done for them what GA has done for us, and thats the thanks.

    Luckily for him, his record is so good in the championship he wont be out of work for long id imagine..... bet QPR wish they had waited another couple of weeks now !!

  • You can't be getting smashed 4-1 at home ;)

  • Didn’t a small club smash us 4-0 at home in 17/18?

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    They had won only 3 out of 23 and had gone rather stale. With the squad they've got, they probably should have done better than just stave off relegation. Chris Hughton is a great bloke and has done great things for Brighton - he won't have any problem finding another good job - but it does seem like a natural end. Their fans generally don't seem too surprised.

  • I agree with @th100 - their form is absolutely terrible since Christmas. I wouldn't say it's a massive shock, although he seems like a nice enough bloke. He will get another job in no time

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    Does the logic still work if you swap Ainsworth for Hughton @Tom @th100

    I can't help feeling Brighton will not get anyone better and have just lost the experience gained by staying up with a couple of games to spare.

  • They can always get BFS!

  • Bournemouth have had a couple of flirtations with the drop haven't they but they've stuck by Eddie Howe. I suspect CH is an undemonstrative bloke and therefore owners worry that he isn't strong enough...but to get promoted from the Championship three times he must have something about him!

  • Looking at the list of longest serving managers of the 92 clubs is illuminating. Almost every club in there has had reason at one point to sack the boss, but have all benefited in the long run from sticking with him:

    Bristol City

    Loyalty: Try It - you might like it!

  • The size & capacity of the Amex stadium mirrors both Leicester & Wolves. The football played there doesn’t. Chris Hughton has done a good job but the recruitment side seems to have been poor. Arguably Brighton has a bigger potential following than either Wolves or Leicester as it’s almost “Sussex United”. As a team Brighton seemed to have stagnated and that leads to just one thing next......a downward spiral.

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