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Dion Dublin

Seeing Dublin on Final Score today reminded me of someone once telling me we very nearly signed him following his one game for us on loan. Apparently it was all set and then it fell through for some reason. Guessing this was around 1988. Can anyone shed any light on this?


  • Yes, I think Cambridge were prepared to let him come to us for around 6k but we baulked at the asking price

  • According to the excellent Chairboys on the Net, Dion played two games for Wycombe as a 19-year-old on loan from Cambridge United in October 1988 before making his Cambridge debut. I remember being pretty impressed with him in his single Loakes Park appearance. He later moved to Manchester United, Coventry and Aston Villa in million pound deals. If only........but I suppose £6000 was a lot of money in those days.

  • Many thanks. Might do an article in the next Wanderer about players who slipped through the net, Fitz Hall n' all.

  • I think £6000 is a lot of money for us in these days too @micra

  • LOL!!! ????

  • I remember Dion Dublin hitting the underside of the bar in the 1-0 win v Telford. He certainly impressed that day.

  • My memory (which may well be wrong!) was that he was set to sign, but Cambridge sacked their manager, bought in John Beck who called the deal off.

  • Shows how the memory can trick us, as I thought he'd played more than just 2 games for us. I remember him as looking a class above what we were used to. No surprise he had such a long career at a higher level

  • Shows how the memory can trick us (part 2). I thought he looked ‘okay’ (the home game against whoever it was) but didn’t for a moment think, ‘shame that Dion Dublin guy had to go back’ when I never saw him again.

  • Dion was always heading upwards...

  • It’s quite incredible how many houses have stairs going up to bedrooms. You’d think in this day and age there would be an occasional lift. And do bungalows never come under the hammer? (Having said that, our bungalow has five stairs; I’m looking forward to having the shortest Stannah ride ever.)

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