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Chuckletrade Trophy - Attendance predictions

In order to drum up extra interest in the competition all games will be staged in Baku. In order to make the games more interesting to fans teams will be drawn from a close geographical area.

In our group are Luton under 12s, Oxford and franchise. The games will be staged on the 3rd Monday of August, September and October and our kick offs are at 02:30 local time.


  • I heard fans in Baku misread it and thought they would have to go to Luton. Riots.

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  • I actually can't decide if the original post is a joke or not, such is the ridiculousness of this particular competition.
    I have been boycotting these fixtures on principle but given the chance to watch WWFC play in Baku I'm seriously rethinking my stance ...

  • I'm not sure we will be able to fill the 68,700 seater stadium. Which window will the tickets be available from?

  • Tend to watch these on ifollow rather than go.

    But that game where we were 1-0 down after about 30secs last year was a tough watch! Tenner down the drain that early!

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    According to the worldtravelguide Azerbaijan is famous for its crisps - (ok - I just googled 'What flavour crisps can you buy in Baku?)
    Anyone who goes could save a the club a fortune and all of us a lot of trouble by filling the return taxi with crisps on the first trip. Then on the second, if the crisps are no good, bring back the oil for the undersoil heating. 3rd trip to watch franchise probably then unecessary.

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