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Spare tickets for Conference play-off final

I have some spare tickets (people who can’t now go) for the Conference play-off final at Wembley on Saturday between AFC Fylde & Salford City (3pm k.o.). The match prices are now £38 or £41. However, I have 2 adult & 1 child ticket bought at the early bird price back in February. The adult tickets are £20 each & the child ticket is free. Let me know if you are interested?


  • Tricky to decide which of these clubs is more dislikeable. I think Fylde just about edge it.

  • I know it was mentioned already on another thread, but £41 for a non league play-off match... Jesus wept.

  • Sounds like Salford Dieseruvwe’d the win.

  • Reasonable game, Salford deserved to win - they were physically more dominant & seemed to relish the game more. Fylde played well in parts, playing some neat passing football. However, star striker Danny Rowe was anonymous & hugely disappointing.

    The crowd was also disappointing - just 8,049. Probably 5,000 Salford fans, 1,000 Fylde and 2,000 neutrals. The neutral section tickets were brilliant - in Club Wembley’s middle-tier section. But with match tickets £36 or £41 on the day is it any surprise so few people turned up?

  • Caught the second half online, certainly looked empty, but not that empty - wow!

    They can probably make a good effort at storming straight up next season with the certain additions.

  • Remarkable that a Wembley Final should have attracted nearly a thousand fewer people than our last League 2 game at Adams Park.

  • Compare the attendance with previous seasons and it's shameful. Should never have been played at Wembley but also two clubs with no real heritage being artificially pushed up by vanity money.

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  • What a pathetic attendance for a game of such magnitude. I'd actually question the validity of either side being allowed in the Football League at the expense of a club like Notts County.

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  • Notts County deserve to be relegated regardless of fans they attract, bad management and 3 manager in 1 season is what killed them. Fair play to Salford who will be in League 1 before you know it.

  • Caught a few minutes of it, looked and sounded like they were playing in an empty stadium but £40 to watch non league football I’m not surprised. Great day out for the players involved though.

  • You are right of course @rmjlondon - they did finish bottom - but it also proves you have no soul. It also proves you are under 40. Those of us older have a severe distrust of newer upstarts like Salford and Luton

  • I am very close to 40 and also if those 5 players wanted to put money in our club I doubt many would refuse. real football people !!!

  • Salford will storm league two next season. Wonder how high they can go

  • To the stars!

  • Champions League Final 2023: Salford United 1 Barcelona 0.

  • Salford's heady rise aside the big shock for me is Richie being nearly 40. Sad to see county go down but that's football and what the league pyramid is about and why the richest clubs keep trying to change it!! Hopefully they will bounce back quickly...but no-one has the right not to relegated (sometimes twice) as @devc will tell you.

  • Notts county a season or so ago had a ridiculous set of ex Premier league players, Sted, Carrol, Ameobi, Smith etc
    The mismanagement to end up relegated is quite incredible

  • I think getting shot of kevin nolan after a few bad results then appointing football genius Harry Kewell suggests not a lot of nous. Also a shame as owner was local. I did hear tell that a foreign buyer was almost in place but that was before relegation.

  • Interesting to look at the National League North and South tables (and pleasing to see Stockport and Torquay top of their respective leagues).

    The South is full of our old Isthmian rivals but the North has some serious old League clubs (York, Darlington) and Semi-pro teams (Altrincham, Telford).

    Hard to imagine that they are (presumably) equal. If dev’s prediction is right as long as we end up as a South team I think we’d be fine. Not sure I’d fancy our chances in the Northern half

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    What a pathetic attendance for a game of such magnitude. I'd actually question the validity of either side being allowed in the Football League at the expense of a club like Notts County.

    Dev-esque trolling

  • Sounds very un-Devlike to me.

  • Agreed, Dev would have written the equivalent of War and Peace and attached a spreadsheet.

  • Yeah, before we slag off any other clubs, maybe we should look at how many we took to the play off final, a mere 20mins from our doorsteps a few years back.

    How many would we have taken 200miles?

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