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For anyone going to the National League Play-Off Final at Wembley next Sat (11th)

Due to engineering work (that wretched HS2 I believe) there are no trains from High Wycombe to Marylebone via Wembley Stadium next Saturday. Wembley Stadium station will be shut. The best bet for getting there is to go from Amersham or Chalfont & Latimer & get a direct tube or change at Harrow-on-the-Hill if you’re on a Chiltern Railways train and proceed to Wembley Park tube station.


  • Nice one Andy, vaguely considering the game, and that certainly would have ruined the plan!

    Why on earth they'd choose a weekend with a game at Wembley when they have all summer to mess about I do not know.

  • Could be worse, the Underground are holding a strike on FA Cup final day.

  • Another strike!
    Without going all political imagine if most of us kept threatening strikes!

  • When you already have the trophy final at Wembley, does seem a little odd to playing this match there. Surely the atmosphere will be affected by a huge ground with presumably a very small crowd from two lightly supported teams based a long way from London. Wouldn't they be better playing it at say Goodison park?

  • It is quite bonkers.

    For some reason, I was at the 2014 Cambridge v Gateshead conference final.
    That was a surreal feeling, basically limited to the lowest tier.

    Checking the attendance, 19,613.

    I wonder if these two will get close to that? It's asking a lot.

  • Β£36/Β£41 for an adult ticket. They’re really doing all they can to attract a good turnout! I’d be amazed if they got above 12k...

  • Salford average about 2,500 at home, Fylde around 1,600, the place will be rocking.

  • I understand that Wembley is a iconic ground and I don't wish to deprive any club of playing there, but wouldn't it be better for everyone for them to pack out a smaller ground in London and really get it rocking?

  • Or, perish the thought, as Dev suggests, play it at one of the big north west grounds. Utterly pointless having 10-15,000 rattling round in a giant stadium at the opposite end of the country just because "it has to be at Wembley". Football really is run but idiots, isn't it.

    And that'll be two trips to Wembley in a week for Fylde's meagre following. Imagine a fair few will pick and choose which one to do.

  • @OxfordBlue , that'd be an even weirder idea than Wembley. It's either Wembley for its national icon status, or somewhere close to them, surely.

    In the same sort of scenario, you could have Chelsea and Arsenal fans all having to hoon over to Ajerbaijan when they could much easier play it at Wembley!

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    So to conclude, Β£40 quid, rattle round a massive stadium, and struggle with the trains.

    I'm in!

  • Wait til Sunday 19th and go to the Non League Finals Day instead - two games for Β£26.

  • Which games are those? Cup finals, or league playoffs?

  • FA Vase and FA Trophy, one after the other for a single ticket.

  • This weekend - National League promotion play off - potential promotion to league
    next Weekend - FA Trophy and Vase final

    To be honest although its more expensive, if you could only afford one, I'd do the former.

  • ...and group bookings, for group sizes of 9 to 49, are available at a price of Β£12.50 per adult ticket (Β£5 concessions; Β£1 juniors).

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    Yeah I think I would to @DevC .
    Promotion to the league is a huge gamechanger. Salford being involved adds extra spice, as there's no sign their surge is anywhere near over.

    The other two finals are great for the clubs involved, but lesser interest if not.

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