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The out of contract thread

I thought this would probably have been done already, but scanning the first two pages of posts I couldn't find anything. So. Not that we are 100% guaranteed L1 football next season, but pretty is the out of contracters.

Gape - obvious keep
Bean - really depends on the deal we can offer him, and what his plans are post-retirement. What I mean by that is, if we can offer him a pay-as-you-play or something, which works with whatever he might be looking to do next (e.g. a coaching course), then I still think he's got something to offer. But otherwise no.
CMS - still under contract until 2020, but I suspect we will move him on as Samuel plays much the same role, for probably less dosh.
Kashket - Tricky one. He probably wouldn't have come to us were it not for his injury record, but he's risky. The quality is obviously there though. I think we'll probably keep him
PCH - can be a game-changer and I personally would keep, but I can see GA getting rid, or PCH himself wanting to leave.
Harriman - keep
Bayo - GA has already said he wants to keep
Charles - Again we could only get what is by most accounts a quality player because of his injury record, but surely we can't renew his contract.
Tyson - Once more I think we'll keep him, once more an injury risk.
Yves - get rid. Cameron Yates is also out of contract, but I would rather keep him as No.2 GK, or if GA thinks he's not good enough, get a young replacement.

If I had to guess who'd go, I'd say Bean, PCH, Charles and Yves. Not sure that gives us as much leeway for new signings as I'd like next season.



  • I can't see Gape being here in August, but hopefully i'm wrong. Surely the end of the road for Bean, Charles, Yves and CMS. Bayo will stay as long as we can accomodate his other interests.

    That leaves Tyson, Kashket and PCH. Given their combined injury record you'd have to say (at least) one of them would leave. Tyson must be the most likely candidate given his age, that he must be on the most money out of the three, and that he's nearly retired before. We really need another goal scorer tho, so maybe two of the three will be off.

    I've a sneaking suspicion Bloomfield will hang up his boots at the end of the season as well.

  • And I have a sneaky suspicion that Matty Ingram will come home for a season

  • Bloomfield has that extra year combining playing and coaching. So id think he's more likely stay on but just feature less.

    We really need korney hause to go for a huge fee this summer

  • I agree Bloomfield will stay, especially as he finally has an opportunity (if picked) to play against Ipswich, which sounded very important to him in that 500 game special.

  • Bean, yves, yates, tyson, charles let go.
    Bayo, harriman, gape, paris, kashket keep.

  • One small request if it's not too pompous: can we not use the phrase "get rid" when talking about people who have, for the most part, given great service to the club.

  • But if we keep all of the above,where are the goals coming from. Probably our major problem this season has been dominating games but not scoring the goals to finish it off.

  • We were doing fine until, fred, morris and randell left so if we can bring in 3 decent players like them think we will be ok aswell as couple defenders getting the right loans will be crucial with our budget.

  • To do what we have done without even a 10 goal striker is mightily inpressive!

  • I have an appalling record at predicting this sort of thing but I can see Kashket having a 15-20 goal season if he stays fit and we get the balance right

  • Yates - No idea, expect he’s on pennies

    Bean - Let go, I expect he’ll retire anyway
    Yves - Let go
    Charles - Let go
    Tyson - Let go, sadly

    Bayo - Keep. Did someone say β€˜plan B’?
    Harriman - Keep
    Gape - Keep. I expect he’ll move on though
    Paris - Keep. I think he’ll walk however
    Kashket - Keep

    CMS - Expect he’ll leave despite the extra year

    With six exiting I’d like us to spend the few pounds we have on a β€˜keeper and trying to get Fred in. One or two extra Ainsworth gems on top would be nice, along with the inevitable use of the loan market.

    I expect Allsop is a high earner, therefore having two β€˜first choice’ goalkeepers on the books is asking a lot but surely Ainsworth will need to accept we need a safer pair of hands. The loan market has been good to us for β€˜keepers so that seems the more likely route but getting any of those we had earlier on in the season on a permanent deal would be hard to turn down.

  • Stephen Henderson is out of contract at Forest but I expect wages would prevent anything there. Plenty of promising young 'keepers we'd be able to get in loan from PL/Champ clubs though, I'm sure

  • I agree with all that @BlueBoy said

  • Knowing GA's track record, we haven't even heard of the players that will be key to our play-off run in 19/20 yet!

  • I know it wouldn't be popular but I'd prefer to see Bayo released. Memories of Hayes are still so strong. One last season for sentimental reasons sounds like the right thing to do but I just don't think it is. League One defenders aren't scared of him and don't double up. He barely ever trains with the team and - other than at Southend - hasn't been particularly effective for a while. And I can't believe he's a lower earner. I'm afraid Nathan Tyson probably should be let go as well, he doesn't terrorise defences as he used to and would suit a League Two side better at this stage of his career.

    Yves has shown he's not an effective stand in, sadly, and even though (like Bayo) he appears to be a fun guy to have in the squad I'd prefer a young Premier League loanee in to compete with Allsop. Again with Bean. Brilliant personality but we need midfielders who will be challenging for a place in the team week in, week out. Charles leaving is a no brainer. I hope he's been using his time on the sidelines to look for an alternative career because I just can't see anyone else picking him up either.

    All the others I'd keep. I really hope PCH stays, I think he's still got a lot to offer, especially if there is a change of management over the summer and Gareth's successor chooses to play with more width. Likewise with Harriman, a classy and adaptable player who has been badly treated this season. Kashket is the hardest one but I think he's an enigmatic player who could easily come good in League One partnered with someone (hopefully Fred!) on a regular basis. I suspect Gape has another club lined up already, good luck to him if so, our most consistent player this season.

    Finally I hope CMS comes back for his final season. He still looks sharp to me and good enough for League One. I think it was a big mistake letting him go in January and hopefully he'll have a chance to prove that over the next campaign.

  • Aloysius...I agree with every single observation that you make. That’s unusual in itself I suppose. To release Bayo is 100% right. Finish on a high. I can’t see him staying fit enough for another season, and to some degree might well change our hoof tactics over the midfield. Oh for a forward like Pigott from AFC...he is just what we need.

  • Totally agree about Joe Piggot. A thorn in our side on several occasions, 6’ 2”, in his prime at 25 and, above all, from Maidstone, my own birthplace! To think that, until January last year, he was playing in the National League for Maidstone United.

  • Adam ElAbd is out of contract

  • Could do with a new GK coach

  • edited April 28
  • Can’t agree that it was a big mistake to let CMS go out on loan in January particularly as there must have been a reasonable expectation (at the time the arrangements were being made) that Fred’s loan would be extended. CMS hasn’t exactly set the Trent on fire at Notts County although he did score yesterday to give County a sniff of a chance of survival.

  • edited April 28

    Yates - Keep. Time's on his side, he can't be earning much, nothing to lose really.
    Yves - Let go
    Harriman - Keep. Not the long-term solution at LB but a very useful player to have around.
    Charles - Let go
    Bean - Let go
    Gape - Keep if we can - replaceable but would be annoying to see him leave on a free. Can't see him going anywhere better than a top half League One club if he does go, though.
    PCH - Keep, but if he wants to leave to get regular football we can hardly stand in his way.
    Kashket - Extend by a year, too injury prone to commit to anything more than that. Agree that he could have a very good next season under the right conditions.
    Tyson - Let go. It's been nice to have him back but he looks to be fading.
    Bayo - Keep for another year if he wants to stay, but it's unrealistic to see him as much more than a Plan B - although he should still be very handy in that respect.

    CMS - Not fussed either way. Would we be able to get a small fee for him?

  • I would try and get another goalkeeper perhaps one on a season long loan in the mould of Blackman and let Allsop go. I would keep Yves as cover on the basis that he is happy to be fill in occasionally in an emergency and if the number one gets a long term injury we can get a proper keeper in.

    CMS hasn't shone at Notts County so I feel time has caught up with him. Bayo I would keep, but only on the basis of being a bench warmer to be used when nothing else is working.

    Every effort should be made to bring Fred back but I suspect lack of finances will prevent this.

  • I agree with most of what @aloysius said, especially bringing CMS back. Could see Samuel really benefitting from his experience.

    The exception is Bayo. League 1 Defenders may not be scared of him but a lot of League 1 managers appear to be. At the top end I agree they probably don’t but for those in the bottom half there was an awful lot of doubling up on him that I saw. But I’m not sure if he’s got the appetite for a full season.

  • I think the following will happen from May

    Adebayo Akinfenwa - Stay
    Marcus Bean - Stay
    Darius Charles - Leave
    Paris Cowan-Hall - Leave
    Ben Frempah - Stay
    Dominic Gape - Stay
    Michael Harriman - Stay
    Scott Kashket - Stay
    Yves Ma-Kalamby - Leave
    Nathan Tyson - Leave
    Cameron Yates - Stay

    I am also quite inclined to set up a thread next week after the Wycombe Wanderers vs Fleetwood Town match with a poll to see what people will think will happen with the players out of contract with potential transfer targets for the summer.

  • @floyd said:
    Knowing GA's track record, we haven't even heard of the players that will be key to our play-off run in 19/20 yet!

    Seeing as we avoid or can't pay fees it will come down to who is retained elsewhere.

    Reminded today is a year since we were on the pitch celebrating at Chesterfield, congrats again to all involved in taking us up and those involved in keeping us there.

  • If finances didn't have to be considered I'd keep Bayo, Tyson, Kashket, CMS, Gape, Harriman

    But they do, and I predict a storm coming down the road. Not sure who out of those we'll be able to afford

  • We have to be a bit careful with the old boys, they are going to decline, much as I love them you'd have to think what are they earning and if we managed to get them can we get someone else equally unexpected but with 2/3 more years in their legs. It might be a case of seeing if they'll play on for less.

  • Some of these players will have automatic extensions written in for staying up.

  • It would certainly be nice to have a younger core to build around.

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