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  • Ooh, no. It really isn't, is it. I heard about the players demand their wages earlier in the day (fairly enough) but rather assumed a way would be found to keep the wheels turning.

    Anyone got a clear idea of what might happen now

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    Very awkward for everyone involved.

    A rush to get it replayed midweek now, as the league will want all last games still played next sunday.

    Only slight saving grace is their two games being dead rubbers not affecting either end of the table. So could go beyond sunday in a worst case scenario.

  • My guess is that they’ll award it to Brentford 2-0.

  • @bookertease said:
    My guess is that they’ll award it to Brentford 2-0.

    Thats my guess as well

  • @bookertease said:
    My guess is that they’ll award it to Brentford 2-0.

    Who scores the goals though!!

  • Looks like the efl have ordered them to use the youth team, no idea if they or their coaches have been paid, or how they feel about potentially getting a battering and being used to break their colleagues strike.

    There has to be a way of getting bad / bankrupt owners to clear off when they stop funding clubs. Often there are no assets just huge bills yet they cling on for offers from stupid theoretical investors based on potential of club or stadium.

  • Need some kind of posting funds/guarantee scheme and inbuilt clauses to allow administrators to take over earlier and sell where necessary, football league finance is a sewer at the moment.

  • It's exactly 90 years to the day that Bolton won the FA Cup for the third time.

  • @StrongestTeam, What happens in the real world when a business can't pay its staff wages, rather than the surreal world of football, is that the business goes bust and disappears from the business sector it was in.
    It's a very sad likelihood that this has to happen to a top flight football club, and maybe Bolton is going to be the club (?), before the football world finally wakes up to the unsustainable financial issues it has.
    I know lots of people keep saying football is a "special case" and these things can't be allowed to happen. But what's the alternative in the long run?

    It'd be a sad day for football if Bolton folded as a club but could be the kick up the pants that is needed to start some proper dialogue about football funding below the premiership league.

  • Not wrong @Twizz but in most cases a replacement would come along where there's a need, there's still 20 odd thousand people who want to watch football in Bolton, it needs the badge and colours and in some cases stadium made available to someone who can take it forward. The Afc thing is fine but shouldn't really be needed if the EFL got their house in order

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