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Pub vs the Wombles

Just wondered if a pub had been earmarked for Saturday for away fans?


  • Is that Jack The Ripper Place still open?

  • I can't remember the name of it, so this little anecdote is basically useless, but I found possibly the worst condition pub I'd ever been in last time we visited their ground.

    It was maybe 20 minute walk away - the carpet was rotting, most of the beer taps were dry, there were holes in the walls around the pool table where people had shoved the cues through the walls, and the place was absolutely rammed with drunk Irishmen at 2PM in the afternoon.

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    @Onlooker The Sir Robert Peel? Never knew who you'd bump into in there!

    Shut down in 2014/15 ish

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    I think that was the one. A quick Google search suggests someone was stabbed to death in there as last as 2018?

    Was certainly an experience anyway. One of the regulars we met at the bar told us a rather colourful story about getting nicked on the job for drink driving in Thame.

  • The Peel was right next to the ground, 2018 seems late

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