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Seeking spare ticket for Wimbledon game

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If anyone can help out a fellow Gasroomer, would be much appreciated.

I think it is fairly unlikely many will be going spare, they are like gold dust with survival potentially to be secured, but never know!

Happy to pay face value + a pint in a nearby pub!



  • Always a chance something comes up late doors, but alternative of going in the wrong end might be worthwhile?

    Or if you're even craftier, buy in the Wimbledon bit of the terrace we go in, and then "Play dumb" on the day, that your old dad/young son bought it, and got it in the wrong end....and hope they let you in our end (rather than kick you out ;) )

  • I went in the home end a few years ago when we drew 0-0 and Pierre was sent off.

    We were going to try the play it dumb move, but a guy in front of us gave it a go first and got told to do one.

    At one point the police and stewards who'd been sat in-between the two sets of fans left their post, but we bottled sneaking under the divider at the last minute.

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    That'd have been an adrenaline job!

    I've seen fans do it at a Reading game in the Premier league years ago. They have this thin little column in between home and away fans, where stewards sit, but it was early, and empty, so about 9-10 fans in the Reading end all hurdled it, and were away!

    Incredible balls, and I guess they just bundled into a row (all standing in seats) at kick off and got away with it.

  • its a sell out in the home end as well

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