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Issue 115 of The Wanderer - Out tomorrow!


The WWISC coach will be taking a batch of the latest edition of The Wanderer fanzine - hot off the presses - to Rochdale. Just £1.50 for 48 pages of words and, occassionaly, pictures. To get your hands on one ahead of the official release on Monday, please go to the Angel Travel coach after the game and ask for Teresa. Any WWISC members travelling are also encoraged to collect their FREE copy.

Otherwise the edition will go on sale before the Walsall game on Monday, available only from the WWISC stand on Hillbottom Road. There will be more on sale before the final game of the season against Fleetwood.


  • Secured mine yesterday. Good stuff! The cover was a hoot @jonny_king. Hope all your efforts (and over the season!) got a sell out!

  • Have mine posted as i'm stuck in Somerset so can't wait for my copy.

  • @Jonny_King really good read mate, enjoyed it

  • Many thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it, not that I can really take much credit (but I will anyway).

    The front cover was the last thing I did before sending it off (at about 4am) as I could not think what to put on it. I took inspiration after getting an email from my local cinema with this week's listings, but worried it might be lost on a few of our more mature readers, so apologies to anyone not up on their Marvel cinematic universe.

    For anyone who missed out on a copy, there will be a small number on sale before the Fleetwood game, but it's possible we'll sell out, so do get yours early to avoid disappointment.

  • I must be in the extra mature category @Jonny_King. I’ve never watched the programme (far too complex) but I was guessing it was from Game of Thrones.

  • You're a little off Micra, but it's a worthy attempt and there's certainly no shame in not being familiar with Thanos' infinity stones Easter Egg hunt. I'll go with something more universally friendly next time.

  • Whatever my shortcomings when it comes to a fair slice of popular culture (or any culture, come to that) I thought it was a brilliant and very original effort. Have only dipped in to the odd item inside so far but the quality seems to be as high as ever.

  • I am dead cultured me, but still had no idea what it referred to (I assumed it was sex and dragons telly that the young people like)...but it was still very funny.

  • This is a bit early, but I'm off on me holibobs tomorrow, so better do it now;

    There is a limited number of copies of issue 115 left and these will go on sale before Saturday's game against Fleetwood, usual place, usual price. Once they're gone that's it, so please do swing by early and pick up your copy, or you will be relegated along with Plymouth.

    Many thanks to all the Gasroomers who have written for, sold, bought, read and otherwise supported The Wanderer during the 2018/19 season. I love and cherish each and every one of you. xx

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