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Quick analysis of final four

edited April 13 in Football

Great win today - if there is a word that has summed up Wycombe's play for me this season, it is 'tenacious' and we needed that in spades today, in a nervy six pointer. Well deserved in the end, but a little known fact is that if you took the length of all of the throw-ins today combined, they would wrap around the moon.

The final four is even more of a tense run, as the next three teams are below us, so three six-pointers in a row. There can be no let up, as wins would not only give us three points, but hurt our fellow battlers. But losses obviously would immediately drag us back down. Fleetwood to finish could be ideal if we still need something, as they will be safe, with Joey Barton possibly 'indisposed'.

Thankfully, a 'safe' points total may possibly be the normal 50-51 again, but with so many games against our rivals, we have to avoid defeat. Even taking the next game, a win against Rochdale would guarantee us being at least 4 ahead of Southend, 5 ahead of Rochdale & Walsall, and 11 ahead of Bradford with just three games left. Whereas a loss could see us only out of the relegation spots on goal difference. 4 points from the next two games could be enough, simply because of who we are playing.

Lastly, we will be over from America for the Walsall game, sitting in the Beechdean this year (halfway up Block C). We also plan to mill around outside for a while before the game. We would love to meet (or meet again) any Gasroomers, even if you wish to retain your forum identity. I'll plan on wearing last year's home shirt with my name (Shevlane) on the back.

Come on you Chairboys!


  • Might be sitting just behind you. Will look out for your shirt and say hello if I get a chance.

  • Rochdale have improved since changing managers but their defence remains awful - 83 goals shipped in 42 games - with Bayo and Kashket on form we could be in luck. Ian Henderson up top is always a threat, but that's not much use if you've got a sieve at the back. Walsall and Wimbledon will take, shall we say, a more physical approach, but hopefully by the latter we'll be past the 'must win' stage. 52 ought to do it but I suppose it's possible safety might not be 100% confirmed until the final day - let's at the very least go into that 3 points clear and with 10+ better GD than those behind us...

  • I'm really surprised how much Walsall are struggling, I thought they were very impressive when beating us earlier on in the season. Hard to understand what's gone wrong, have they suffered a glut of injuries? Their run of form in recent months makes ours look like a minor blip in comparison!

  • We were shocking at walsall and could have easily won they were dire

  • I just remember them having a pacy winger who we had trouble with.

  • Have to agree with @rmjlondon here, Walsall were awful. I walked away from the Bescot wondering quite how we lost. I believe Morgan Ferrier was the pacy winger that caused us rather more problems than he should have done.

  • They swapped out Russell Martin for Dan Scarr in January, notsure if that is jusf coincidence.

  • Dan Scarr is league 2 maximum

  • Interestingly, Ferrier (ex Boreham Wood) was up against Michael Harriman with Jason McCarthy alongside Adam El-Abd.
    Fred and Bryn played that day. I notice that the Walsall foul count was 16 - 5 short of the number yesterday against Accrington. I don’t have the statistics but, from memory, we have always found them hard to beat. Bit of a bogey side to us.

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