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Early bird deadline extended again

It’s now May 4th.


  • Makes it more achievable for me. I wasn't going to be able to raise the funds in time as it was too early for me. Especially as a few repair bills have hit unexpectedly recently. £500 cash to the plumber for a starters, bloody two days work, clearly got into the wrong profession!

  • £500 for two days plumbing work? I'd say you got off lightly!

  • I was in a cinema queue behind two heavily tattooed young lads of shall we say questionable linguistic skills obviously tradesmen of some sort who were discussing meetings with their accountants and the eye-watering amounts they were earning...made my distinctly white collar salary look barely adequate. Good luck to them! If only I had not been too cack-handed to re-wire a tap...

  • Young lads with accountants is scary enough but to be able to afford tattoos as well....... (I’m still saving for one).

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  • For mrs micra.

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  • @micra that's the sadness of working life for most of us - you have to wait for retirement to have enough money to get your tatts, piercings and your Harley.

  • 2 days of plumbing work?! What on earth would take 2 days?

  • Sadly, I think Harley Street takes precedence over the Jim variety. (He said obscurely.)

  • @Malone said:
    2 days of plumbing work?! What on earth would take 2 days?

    Identity what's wrong, replace processer, still same problem, make/drink tea, change pump in airing cupboard as that is obviously what's causing the problem, nope, make/drink tea then go off to eff up someone else's plumbing. Come back next day, scratch nads/make/drink tea.change shower/module, bingo, problem sorted. That's £500 cash, untaxable income to pay and oh, by the way, you need more milk and sugar mate, running a bit low!

  • How much would it have been through the books if that's a discount?

  • FYI just tried to renew and the system is down. Guy on the phone told me to call back Monday.

  • Patience, you'll appreciate the £2 saving of over the net versus over the phone

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