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Match day thread: Charlton



  • Gonna be a tricky game, but nothing is impossible as has been proved in the past. Really don't wanna be going into Southend with this bad run continuing.

    I'd play





  • Hard to argue with that line up but Gaz won’t drop El-Abd, I might go Samuel and Paris up front with Scotty and Bayo off the bench if we are still in with a chance on 70 mins.
    Whilst any points from anywhere are needed reality is resting strongest line up for Southend and Wimbledon β€˜6 pointers’ is vital. Thomo looks like he is running on empty.

  • edited April 2019

    Providing everyone's fit I'd play:


    El Abd



    Harri played well Saturday, covers set pieces defensively and linked well in attack. Also Mccarthy set pieces were generally good and consistent.

    I'd like to play Freeman but I think if Tyson is fit he starts to offer the experience to complement Samuel's endeavour and Kashkets movement and finishing.

    Also with Bayo, Freeman, PCH, Sido and JJ on the bench we have options to change things if we need to.

  • @perfidious_albion that's dangerous. When you start intentionally weakening your lineup, you run the risk of writing games off, which we can't afford to do.

    The 6 pointers may well go against us, as these games can be really hit and miss, so we have to give tonight a good go. WHo knows, Charlton might be messing with their lineup for "harder" games, or underestimate us.

  • @perfidious_albion I thought Thompson was really good on Saturday...I did not detect signs of emptiness...

  • He was surely left out as he was on the verge of knackeredness, but as per Wendy above, he did look strong, and arguably was a key man in changing things around.

    We cannot be starting too many of the remaining 6 with Bean and Bloomy in situe, love and respect to both and all that, but the Gape-Thommo axis is probably the best part of our team now.

  • if he's knackered and OAP Bloomy isn't he needs to take a good hard look at himself in one of his numerous MOTM watches.

  • I have a really good feeling ahead of tonight, so I'm just logging that here so you can rip me apart at 9.45 if the slump continues.

    I think we're going to win.

  • In my opinion, talk of resting players when we are in a 6 game relegation battle dogfight is crazy.

  • I agree

    I, like others it seems, am really quite confident of getting a good result tonight

  • @DJWYC14 I agree. Although it didn't end well I remember this run-in for a team that consisted largely of players with a day job.

    5-Apr-1986 Kidderminster Harriers GL H L 2-5 621
    8-Apr-1986 Runcorn GL A L 1-2 550
    12-Apr-1986 Aylesbury United B&B Fin N D 2-2 1064 @ Slough Town
    14-Apr-1986 Kettering Town GL A L 1-4 662
    19-Apr-1986 Wealdstone GL H W 1-0 889
    22-Apr-1986 Telford United GL A L 1-3 1066
    24-Apr-1986 Kidderminster Harriers GL A L 2-8 704
    26-Apr-1986 Cheltenham Town GL A L 2-4 894
    28-Apr-1986 Dagenham GL H D 1-1 570
    30-Apr-1986 Altrincham GL H L 0-1 544
    3-May-1986 Kettering Town GL H D 0-0 715
    5-May-1986 Aylesbury United B&B Finr N L 0-1 1306 @ Slough Town

  • I thought we played Hemel in that run @Onlooker! My mind must be playing tricks.

  • You need a new script Mooneyman, whoever told you and Mr.Harps that the old jokes are the best was fibbing!

  • I’m really looking forward to it.

  • I’ve seen mirror clocks @Wendoverman but not the watch variety. Lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    One or two have suggested that the introduction of Curtis Thompson when Bloomfield had to be subbed was the start of the step up in performance but they forget that, not long before he had to be subbed, he had beaten two defenders towards the right touch line and put in a cross which caused havoc in the Portsmouth defence. Not long afterwards Craig MacGillivray made a great save from a Jason McCarthy free kick and a minute or two later brilliantly parried PCH’s superb volley from well outside the box. As the ball was cleared, Matt Bloomfield and (?) Dominic Gape clashed heads in their enthusiasm to keep the pressure going and a few minutes before half time Curtis Thompson took his place.

    In the second half Thompson seemed to me to be his usual industrious, skilful and tenacious self. I thought he had yet another valid claim to be named Man of the Match.

    I personally would retain the Stewart/Harriman β€œpartnership”. That unfortunate howler aside at the start of the second half, I thought their extra pace and athleticism was a bonus.

    I have always rated Freeman and he now really looks the part. I’d start with him and only replace him with Tyson if circumstances dictated - eg to provide extra pace against a tiring defence.

    Likewise, Bayo and the little genius might be a valuable option after an hour or so. And don’t forget the impact PCH had back in September when he came on as sub and scored a cracking goal with a header from, oh whoops, a JJ corner! Who’d be a manager indeed.

    Looking forward to this evening’s match as much as any. Let’s hope it marks the turning point we’ve been longing for for so long. COYB.

  • @micra have always liked Harriman and I think an 'Oppps oh no he's through on goal' Stewart and Sido partnership with Harriman and McCarthy is worth a shout...but of course come the dead want JJ on. I'm still not as convinced as you about Freeman, but Paris, Scotty and Bayo are certainly excellent subs to bring on when defensive legs are tired. If we aren't two goals down at that point would be a bonus!!
    Gape and Thompson have both been great signings...

  • Thanks for that @Onlooker. Looks incredible in context. I still remember thinking we’d done enough after the Kettering draw. Also forgotten we had the game against Aylesbury 2 days later. Full kudos to any of our supporters who made that game after the previous days heartbreak. Forgotten how low the crowds were back then

  • There were more Ducks fans at Wexham Park than despondent Chairboy supporters in the B&B replay. possibly the only time Wanderers fans were ever outnumbered in a County cup final.

  • Good luck to the team and Chairpeople tonight. Let's hope it's a bad day at the office for Charlton. While I sit on a train shaking my fist at the Gods Of Fixture Rescheduling...

  • Have we gone from same 11 regardless to one mistake and you get dropped now? Decent 11 though.

  • So 0-3 at half time then. My optimism knows no bounds!

  • There could be goals in this front three, with PCH ready to come off the bench for a hero moment, and Freeman overdue too.

  • More horrible defending. Sigh.

  • Time for players to stand up and fight. Let's do this!!

  • Only 5487? Richie won't be signing those wage cheques this week!

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