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Advice? - Tickets for Oxford

Anyone got any good ideas?

Three tickets ordered online just after midday on Tuesday, for delivery by post to me near Cambridge. They haven't arrived yet. I didn't know until I arrived home after the ticket office shut. We have to leave home for the game close to the usual time of the post delivery tomorrow.

I have the e-mail receipt but that doesn't give the ticket numbers.

Anyone encountered this sort of situation before?


  • Are you on twitter Railsy?

  • Phone the ticket office in the morning (I think they're in from 10 o'clock)

    They can arrange for replacement tickets to be sent to Oxford for you to pick up there

  • Shop is open at 9am actually so fair chance you may be able to get hold of someone then.
    Failing that and Eric’s plan, you could always ring Oxford - number on their website.

  • I am on Twitter @peterparrotface - mainly to follow Wycombe. Never tweeted yet so it would be a first.

    Thank you people for ideas. I am going to try our village post office and see if I can ambush the postman on his round.

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    @railwaysteve, this is posted on the club website

    In the event that tickets ordered for postal delivery haven't arrived, fans should contact the Wanderers' ticket office on 01494 441118 from 9am to 1pm on Saturday, or visit the Oxford ticket on arrival at the stadium with proof of purchase

    Good luck

  • Thank you @twizz that is appreciated, and thanks to all who have posted.

    Our local post office opens at 07:30 so I will try them first. Then we will try our ticket office, if we can't get through in time we will try at the 3 sided place.

    Hope to hear many of you at the game.

  • For anyone else who has the same problem - I believe the club are aware of an issue with some tickets - I got through on the normal ticket line as advised just after 09:00. Sorted: can collect replacement tickets at Oxford.

    Up the Blues.

  • They are normally pretty good about this sort of thing.

  • That’s good news. Hope others who experienced difficulties have had equal success.
    What a great day weatherwise; let’s hope the lads who performed so well at Shrewsbury in very different conditions (before the late capitulation) can go a step further this afternoon.

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