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Vere (Caledonian) Suite Post Match

Is it too much to ask that the majority of the 4 screens available show football related material post match? I for one do not wish to watch rugby union, I would far rather see the footy results, tables etc. and then see the late Premiership game. Is this a football club or a rugby club?


  • How many of the 4 screens were showing footy? One? Two? None?

  • Yet during the Ryder Cup some people on here insisted it should be shown instead of the football being broadcast at the same time.

  • Ran out of ale early on.....

  • It was almost as if the catering side were oblivious to the bigger demand or maybe they worked off the lowered published shed crowd figure. It was chaos in the Woodlands from before 2pm.

  • The Vere ran out of ale after the game but still had the bottled stuff, which I prefer. I think they have difficulty with the TV set up sometimes as it is linked to montys and they don’t have complete flexibility to show any channel on any TV.

  • I’ve never seen so many strange faces in the Woodland Lounge - some even stranger than mine.

  • I disagree, I have no interest in Premier League football, but I do want to see England Rugby, I also desperately wanted to see Europe beat USA in the Ryder cup. Each to their own. It always amuses me when there is a Division 1 (in old money) game on the cheers when a goal is scored is normally anti the big team, there was a massive cheer when Burnley scored against Spurs. I suppose there is a good percentage of people in the Vere who support a "big team" & WW. I don't get it but keep following the Chairboys.

  • This thread just proves how difficult it is to please all of the people all of the time!

  • Hate rugby.... would rather watch King George versus Hithercroft ( if they both still have teams) on tv than egg chasing

  • Any mention of the tedious pasttime of 'Catch and cuddle' should be banished from Adams Park.
    If you want to watch egg chasing, get down to Kingsmead and watch HWRUFC roll around in mud.

  • Superb decision to screen the rugby

    Well done to all concerned

    πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž ( -11 )
  • I can never see the fascination in watching thugs rolling around in the mud.

  • And yet we turn up every week.

  • I came home with my wallet intact - unable to buy any sustenance at all. My favourite quote of the day was a gentleman in a resplendent WWFC scarf in the Woodlands who turned to his friend and asked 'if this is the stand for the home supporters'!

    And the bloke who berated the referee for not giving a free kick for a back pass, when the back pass was a header.

    Nice to see it busy though.

  • Neither the Premiere league at football or rugby has much appeal for me. I do however, very much enjoy the six nations. Seems irational but I guess my duel nationality means it doubles my chances of supporting a winning side?

  • I was taken aback when a gentleman in a very new looking Wycombe scarf and with friends and family (I assumed) dotted around put his head in his hands as Luke Bolton had to be substituted and announced that his loss was a disaster (or words to that effect). I can only assume that he’d learned that we had this young player on loan from Manchester City and that we must be very dependent on his superior talent. Less than ten minutes later I was able to refer, quite loudly (and naughtily), to β€œan inspired substitution”.

    Having said all that, it’s impossible not to feel great sympathy for Luke. Twice in quick succession he has started to show his true potential only to be struck cruel blows. I really hope he doesn’t feel too discouraged and despondent and that it will be a case of third time lucky.

    Apologies for being on the wrong thread. I blame @arnos_grove.

  • I think the only thing for it is for all screens in the Vere to show a live feed of someone scrolling through the Gasroom, like in a terrible bar where people can text hilarious bantz to be shown on a big screen, that always inevitably ends in a dick pic by 2am.

  • You and I visit different bars, @Jonny_King.

  • I know what I want and I go and get it.

  • @LordMandeville I don't know what you were thinking of in the Vere after the game, gawping at the television, when you should have been getting on with digging that damn escape tunnel.

  • #trolololol, as the youth of today would say.

  • @Cyclops said:
    @LordMandeville I don't know what you were thinking of in the Vere after the game, gawping at the television, when you should have been getting on with digging that damn escape tunnel.

    Thanks for the comment, you one eyed monster. F. Y. I. Tom, Dick and Harry are all completed and it just remains for Colin to perfect the forged passports that we all will need in order to escape Stalag Vere. Seriously though, folks, we are a footy club and, whilst I accept that some people prefer to watch hooligans with odd shaped balls, the powers that be in the Vere should surely give preference to footy related material.

  • I think they should screen all the battle scenes from Game of Thrones on a loop. Or Wycombe's midfield tactics, as Sunderland fans call them.

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