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Singin' For Wycombe EP Released

Remember those glory days of a month or two ago, when the exciting song competition was raging, and Wycombe were winning? Remember 'One Wycombe' coming in first at the line, with 'Wycombe Through And Through' and 'Chairboy Phoenix' battling each other neck and neck, while 'Wycombe Strong' fell over five fences, bumped against the hedges on either side of the track, and crossed the line backwards?

You, yes you, can now commemorate this thrilling race, with the release of an EP with all three and a half songs. I am not saying Wycombe will beat Sunderland if you buy it, but I am also not not saying it. Is it a coincidence that we went on the current losing streak after the excitement of the competition was over? You decide.

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