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Sunderland Preparations Disrupted


  • Hope it's not (Black) Cat flu!

  • Does this mean we might not win?

  • I'd read the thread title, as Sunderland's preparations disrupted.

    Now I realise it's ours! Doh.

    Going so well with the "sell out", well, 9,000 is apparently a sell out these days?

  • I think capacity is somewhere near the 9,600 mark now.

  • edited March 7

    Can't be surely, as they quoted 8,300 sold, then listed the remaining tickets and that came to about 700 ish?

    Pretty sure I remember some issue with a safety certaificate reducing things, and not just because of the Rovers goons in the away end reducing that end?

  • The safety certificate licenced capacity, 9470, is a lot lower than the physical capacity, 10137, according to Wikipedia.

  • Think the actual permitted capacity is now 9,310 or thereabouts, as one block of the Family Stand is out of use, and another block has been converted to rail seating.

  • I think the capacity has been reduced further to around 9100, from what Michael Davies said at a Council meeting.

  • We're getting there. I'd remembered it a huge way down on 10,000, and Steve above sounds more like it.

    Also fits in almost perfectly with the club quoting 8,300 sold, and just 200 terrace and 590 in the Frank Adams

  • That's higher than I thought it was now, will be interesting to see what people think of the rail seating when its full. Got the chance to use it in Dortmund recently and it kind of works because the steps are very high, theres basically 3 steps to get from one row to the next. Not sure how well it would work if shoehorned in to an existing stadium unless everyone wanted to stand anyway. The yellow wall main standing area isn't rail seats btw except for the back, its a massive old style terrace complete with beer.

  • In odder news celebrity chef and Man utd fan Tom Kerridge cooked for Bayo for a football focus feature for Saturday and both are predicting premier league results against Lawro on the BBC website

  • Bayo is one heck of a character, but it seems baffling the sheer appeal he seems to have!

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