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AH proposal

Does anyone know if AH is putting forward his bid this week or not. I haven’t been keeping up with developments.


  • He is/was due to put his detailed proposals to the Trust Board this week. I seem to recall a 7 March deadline.

  • I am sure @NiceCarrots will keep us up to date

  • From the trust email "It is planned that Andrew’s proposal will be presented to the Trust Board, by March 7th, after which the Trust Board will convene to consider both proposals. They will then make a recommendation to Trust Members, with a Legacy Members’ vote (if necessary) to follow shortly after"

  • Confirmation email from Trust as follows "Wycombe Wanderers Trust are pleased to confirm that they have received a formal offer for an initial minority shareholding in the football club from Andrew Harman and will be meeting Mr Harman this week to discuss the offer in more detail.

    The Trust board will then give full consideration to both Mr Harman’s offer and the one made by Bill Luby and Jim Collis – seeking a majority shareholding – before providing another update to members."

  • Excellent news, although I hope he's abandoned the £1 million on an unattached academy.

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  • Interesting to note that Anmodata, the company which Andrew Harman sold a few years ago are prominently involved in the 1887 Business Club event due to be held at Adams Park on Tuesday.

  • Annodata.

  • Any word on, if the bid has been submitted

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  • see my comments above...yes he has

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Excellent news, although I hope he's abandoned the £1 million on an unattached academy.

    Although I am sceptical on the viability of an Academy attached to WW, the model that Ken Wilson outlined would possibly be a way for AH to recoup ££s which he may be inclined to invest in the club. It would also benefit from being associated with WW and therefore encourage a longer term commitment. But if the board dont put the bid forward we are back to the 75% required from the USA that we still have not seen any detail of the bid.

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