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good time to play newport next week ...

didn't see til yesterday that the manager had gone


  • Only left about 2 hours before kick off yesterday apparently.

  • Lost 4 on the bounce without scoring as well

  • Wow two hours before KO, that is amazing. Must be something up at that club.

  • My next game (Newport) and Wife is also coming to support. Just hope the we repeat the singing as good as it was at Cambridge.

  • Bonkers to think that a manager leaving is a good thing. Either the players will be playing out of their skins to impress the guy left in charge (who may have a shot at getting the job, I have no idea) or they will do that to impress the no doubt several managerial hopefuls in the stands.

    The selected players really do have nothing to lose and all to gain.

  • Especially if they've lost four in a row without scoring! That's got to end eventually!

  • It will be better to play Newport now than later. The caretaker and staff look like they will be moving with Edinburgh (according to the Argus which is the equivalent to the BFP so take your own opinion on that) once a new management team is put in.

  • Obviously a good manager but could of done better, Gillingham have gone through quite a few managers not sure it was a good move for him.

  • Justin Edinburgh family is based in Essex, so Kent alot closer by far and no more cold Hotel rooms living away. Digesting their forums Exiles are similar position to us in regards funds for players and tight budgets/finances.

  • Must be gloomy in South Wales this morning "Newport County Les Scadding to Cut Back Newport Funding". Awesome time to play them.

    Scadding to cut back Newport funding. Newport County have been told by chairman Les Scadding he will stop bankrolling the club in the long term.

  • Clearly shows that our current strategy to stabilise our club financially is indeed the right one. We all know what it is like to be bankrolled by one benefactor like Scadding. However, I wish Newport all the best and I certainly won't be gloating.

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