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  • Richie's changed his username!

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  • Imagine being this much of a sad cunt.

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  • I am not sad mate,in fact i am quite happy as a matter of fact!!pissing the league and your negative anti football shit is getting you ever closer to League 2 hell where you belong,poor old Gareth i bet he is hoping his manager's application is being considered for us (which it won't), have a SAD evening Oxford poo dick brain.Night night.

  • Seriously mate, you're top of the league and you're spending your Saturday evening crowing on another club's fan forum. That really is sad. Still, guess it's hard trying to wind up Watford fans these days, eh.

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  • If my team was top of a league 2 divisions below where we claim to belong whilst playing in a stadium that looks like two shipping containers have been dropped on top of a council estate car park I would definitely sign up to the forum of a club that I insist are both tiny and not our rivals to shout that they are a whole 10 places lower in the league pyramid.
    Better win that league, would be gutted to see you do a notts county before you go inevitably go bust again in a year or two.

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  • anyonebutluton

  • Please god.

  • Crap town, crap ground, crap fans

    Will not be sad to see them out the way

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  • Who will be getting the death threats if they don't go up I wonder?

  • Poo dick brain. Inspired stuff.

  • Inspired stuff!!!! You must have been watching us play rather than the absolute drivel tosh, negative,anti football (are there any more words that describe rubbish)that you seem to like watching.Anyway thank goodness we will never have to play you again.

  • Never say never, young man.

  • We should be honoured that he's missing attending a BNP rally somewhere to instead spend his evening sharing his witty banter.

    "We'll never play you again"
    Translation: See you in a year or two.

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  • Just a low-rent Superhans

  • Never play us again? I recall you singing that last season too...

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