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Mark Hollis

Musical genius, Spurs fan.

Every note is there for a reason.



  • Have to agree. Sad loss. Few people in the music business shared his courage in following his visions.

  • Loved Talk Talk and still do, from the early poppier stuff to the later more atmospheric albums but almost as much as the music I love that Hollis just decided to leave music behind to spend more time with his kids. He wasn't to know his influence and legend would grow and grow in his absence but he followed his principles anyway. Sad news and a genuinely unique talent gone.

  • Saw them a couple of times commercially successful despite ploughing their own furrow and willing to.pack it in when it became a drag. Sad loss.

  • The guy was a genius. Laughing Stock, Spirit of Eden, The Colour of Spring, three of the greatest albums ever and three of my personal all-time favourites.

  • Amen to all this. I saw Talk Talk at Friars in 1982, when they were a bit pretty and short of songs, but still had something about them, and then in 1986 at Hammersmith Odeon, when they were out of this world. All the albums, including the Mark Hollis solo one, are worth listen after listen. Treasured memories and very sad to hear of his death.

  • Took a drive out to Welford Park this afternoon, snowdrops, crocuses etc, in amazing weather. Had Colour of Spring on in the car. Seemed right on so many levels.

  • Laughing Stock is fantastic in the dark with headphones on. And I reckon I've played Spirit of Eden at least once a month since it came out.

    Neither of those two (and his solo LP) have aged a bit.

  • @arnos_grove Guess they haven't aged because they didn't conform to any prevailing trend or fashion.

  • Thought this would be appropriate for today...

    RIP Mark Hollis.

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