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Oystons out?

Early reports suggesting the Oystons have been removed from their positions at Blackpool. Really hope this is true.


  • Seems to be:

    Bolton seem to be close to getting rid of their resident mercenary as well, good week all round. Just a shame about Coventry.

  • A couple of ex man utd directors and someone from the trust appointed, Belekon agreeing to underwrite the receivership until sold, the recievers themselves appointed at Oystons cost, revenue from the hotel part of the body sectioned of for receivership and no Oystons on the board. Sounds pretty good so far. Still the matter of the idiots appealing further and generally being obstructive but next steps confirmation that the bank accounts have been reassigned and they should all be back in for the home game in a couple of weeks time. Oh and Shaun bloody Harvey gone. Pub takings should be going through the roof.

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