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Team Photos on the Chairboys Archive Site

You can now see a captioned team photo for every season going back to 1969-70 on, by clicking on the season on the left hand menu.

This is a remarkable piece of detective work in tracking down many missing seasons. A lot of match photos have been added recently, this site is a really valuable archive.


  • Impressive.

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  • Certainly is, mind you I could have done without the first picture I looked at having Graham Westley in it.

  • It's a great site. Thank you to all involved with it.

    I dip in to the content now and then and have just noticed something that made me chuckle. In light of our current reputation, I was amused to note that a report on a 1963 match versus Hounslow, in which Wycombe had got in front early, included a comment in reference to Wycombe's play in the 2nd half that, "The pace was slowed right down, to the annoyance of the fans..."

  • Another 1969-70 team photo has been added, players posing in the shape of a 'W':

    It is already on the history section of the official site, but WWEPA have helped archiveman in confirming all the players' names. It seems to have been taken Nov-Dec 1969, after Len Worley left, and just before Viv Busby left in January.

    I really love this photo, it is my favourite team photo, of any team, the only one I have seen that could be called artistic. Somebody with imagination had a bright idea.

    There is a report on an end of season Q & A with Brian Lee, with some interesting views on Worley and Busby, and on the ideal squad size:

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