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Gordon Banks dies

Another World Cup legend passes away. RIP.


  • Indeed. A great shame. The most recent interview I read with him, the writer pointed out they were denied entry to the Gordon Banks suite at the Bet365 because the person on the desk didn't know who he was! Sounds like he was a true gent about it. Yet another 66 hero forced to sell his medals and memorabilia to make ends meet as well. Sir David Beckham? Pah!

  • I am blessed that I was at Wembley to see all our games in the 1966 World Cup with my late Dad. I must confess to feeling emotional today. Thanks for the memories Gordon. May he RIP.

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  • That's a once in a lifetime event @TheChair I remember a colleague bringing in his ticket and programme from the Final to work...a big fella he got quite emotional about it. Kids. Dads. etc etc.

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