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New When Saturday Comes

Just an early heads up to keep an eye out for the Match of the Month feature in the new issue of WSC, out next Thursday. Will be on the Coventry/Donny/Plymouth game most likely.


  • Just got the new issue in the post and it's a cracker of a feature - four pages on our game v Doncaster, including the ownership issue. Not sure who the writer, Huw Richards, is but he's very complimentary about the club and Ainsworth.

    Well worth tacking down a copy (in fact it's well worth subscribing to - a consistently great magazine).

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  • Glad to hear it's the best possible game from Jan. I did put across the ownership situation as a potential angle for the Team Spirit feature (which I've been suggesting Wycombe for for a while now, hopefully sooner or later...), but good it's been picked up here!

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