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Transfer window post mortem

Out: CMS, Saunders, Fred, Williams, Morris, Fox(?)
In: Bolton, Owens

In addition we've signed Thomson onto a long term contract and, according to reports, almost lost Harriman to Notts County. But if there was a move for Gape it wasn't successful.

Clearly we're very short in central midfield and lost significant quality in attack. I'm disappointed we didn't strengthen down the left. Positives are that the smaller squad means everyone should get game time. We may well need Marcus Bean to find that inspired form of old again sometime in the next few months.



  • Can't but agree overall @aloysius. I posted this earlier on "We have Fred" and felt it belonged here so I re-post:

    Sadly, things didn't work out for us tonight, however, I would like to say thank you to all those behind the scenes who have toiled so hard to try and make things happen and without as much success as they would have liked. We have a wonderful club and we now have the opportunity to see our squad, seize the challenges and individuals to improve. We may then be the selling (or loaning) club next time round.

  • Seeing as we had to take that much disputed loan before Christmas, is it any wonder we are in a net negative position of available players before the window opened to when it closed?

    I’m surprised we were able to get 2 loans in - and presumably paid mostly but there parent club - if things we so dire we had to break the spirit of the rules to get some cash into the building.

  • Of them all, Morris is probably the biggest loss. Let’s hope Bloomfield, Gape and Thompson all stay fit and suspension free for the rest of the season.

  • Or that young Owens impresses....

  • I think it’s been an excellent window. Our squad was far too big in first half of season and now we’ve probably got Β£200k off wage bill. Perfect given little to play for for rest of season except a mid table position.

  • A squad of 22 players, which is what we now have, should be enough. Some can play in multiple positions, but essentially the squad now has -

    3 goalkeepers
    7 defenders
    7 midfielders
    5 forwards

    which looks to be a good balance.

  • Or the six that have gone, Saunders and Fox didn't even get on the bench for months, so with the new boys we are only really two players down. Additionally CMS was only getting occasional time on the pitch.

    I think people are being unnecessarily pessimistic about the current squad. Yes Fred will be a big loss, but one would hope that a player Manchester City thought good enough to register in their Champions League squad this season and just given a new three and a half year contract, would be an adequate replacement. He has also played full back for them as well as on the wing.

  • @mooneyman I agree. Fox doesn’t even come into it as he was perma-injured, Saunds and CMS weren’t featuring, Owens for Morris (who also didn’t feature much towards the end of his stay) and Bolton for Fred. So overall, great chance for these two to flourish, only Randell W not replaced, and remember, only last year he came in during the Jan window himself as an unknown hoping to impress. With only a few points from safety, I’m not disheartened. (I didn’t buy that β€˜promotion hopefuls’ line from the lazy press for one minute!!). If we can’t stay up from this position, we probably don’t deserve to.

  • Do we still have Ben Frempah training with us? Would be an option if injuries reduced squad availability.

  • I think keeping Harriman will prove crucial in the coming weeks too. I am not that fussed on losing any of the first half loanees if I am honest. None were stone certain regulars and if anything kept players like Freeman and PCH out.
    For me injuries and how Luke Bolton adapts will be key.

  • Can we still sign people on a free transfer if they are unattached?

  • @OxfordBlue said:
    Can we still sign people on a free transfer if they are unattached?

    Provided they were unattached at the close of the transfer window, yes.

  • Oh and not signing DDH was the best piece of business

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Oh and not signing DDH was the best piece of business

    A bit like saying not buying a knackered old Datsun Cherry for Β£5,000 was a great piece of business, but I wholeheartedly agree that DDH is a piece of work we would do well to steer clear of.

  • Super series of positive, rational and realistic posts on this thread so far today. Very encouraging. In particular, if we can’t win three and draw four of our remaining sixteen matches, I agree with @LeedsBlue that we probably don’t deserve to stay up.

  • I wish I shared everyone optimism that we will definitely finish mid table. There is a lot of football left to play, and 11 points can get eaten up pretty quickly

  • 51 has almost always been enough to stay up, but the threatened teams are feisty this season, and it may take a couple more. Even for 53, we need just 3 wins and 2 draws, or 2 wins and 5 draws.

    I feel confident we will be safe, but a win against Bradford would be lovely. I can't help but feel we will have one or two more bad streaks this season, just to keep the heart rate high!

    20th or above is a massive achievement. We are punching so far above our weight! To finish top 10 would be almost absurd.

  • Plum (plumb?) in the middle for me.

  • Plum or plumb? Tough one
    To b or not to b, that is the question....

  • Have to ask Susie.

  • It’s β€œplumb”.

  • I thought it was but not quite sure enough to take the plunge.

  • I think it’s pies what has the plum in the middle.

  • I had to call a plumber out last week to a fault in my kitchen.

    Still I guess that's just water under the fridge.

  • Will the next contestant sign in please. (What’s My Line circa 1956.)

  • I am sorry you feel my pun was below acceptable standard.

    I would try another one but I don't want to faucet.

  • @micra said:
    I think it’s pies what has the plum in the middle.

    And duffs.

  • Still smarting at @micra's critique of my pun

    I almost feel deplumed.

    Still at least I have thought of something else that's got plum in the middle.

  • No critique intended @DevC .

  • Did Gareth prune enough of the squad?

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