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We have Fred

He’s ours


  • Fake twitter account

  • Yeah. What a tit. Would have been nice

  • Calvin Miller has joined Ayr, for any that were interested

  • I could feel he’s coming on for Ayr tonight

  • Sadly, things didn't work out for us tonight, however, I would like to say thank you to all those behind the scenes who have toiled so hard to try and make things happen and without as much success as they would have liked. We have a wonderful club and we now have the opportunity to see our squad, seize the challenges and individuals to improve. We may then be the selling (or loaning) club next time round.

  • Great thread.
    Obviously convinced that guy who writes the BFP column, as he was talking with certainty about it too.

  • Incredibly sloppy journalism. He is experienced enough surely to check official sources before going public.

  • Terrible paper

  • Journalism .now is about INSTANT hits and likes and follows you get from them young people. The days of checking facts anywhere but Twitter and Wikipedia is long gone.

  • You isn’t wrong @Wendoverman.

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