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London Marathon!


I'm running the London Marathon on April 28th, representing and raising money for the wonderful Scannappeal charity.

If you'd like to sponsor me, then please click below where you can also find out about some of the fantastic work Scannappeal do for the people of Bucks and surrounding areas.

As I'm sure some of you already suspect, I'm not a runner (or any form of athlete), so each donation no matter of the size will help spur me on whilst undertaking the gruelling training...

Cheers and COYB!




  • Well done Phil. Willdo.

  • Many thanks @micra for the sponsorship and any other WW fans that have sponsored me so far.

    Training is going well although I had a very sore knee last week. The WW physio saw me limping at the midweek press session and quickly fixed me up so I'm back out there again.

  • You are very welcome @bluntphil. As I’m sure you know, Scannappeal (and all the volunteers, including mrs micra) do a fantastic job in raising funds for the purchase of scanners and other medical equipment for the three main South Bucks hospitals.

    Glad you made a quick recovery from the knee niggle. Not incurred sitting in the stand at Luton I assume. Of course not. You were enjoying the luxury of the press box !

  • Good luck Phil! Hopefully it’s not quite as hot for you next weekend.

  • Yes, let’s hope the current forecast for next Sunday (cloudy and cool) proves accurate and the knee behaves. Did you mention a pint, Phil?

  • Cheers @Chris

    That sounds like encouraging news from our weatherman in residence. @Micra - the pint is long overdue. Are you sticking around after the Fleetwood match?

  • Don’t normally Phill but we are talking exceptional circumstances here - what with your remarkable achievement six days earlier and the euphoric feeling of League 1 survival. I have a dream!

    Will DM you (I think that’s the term) nearer the time. Meanwhile, all the best for next Sunday.

  • Good luck @bluntphil for the marathon. I shall be following in your footsteps early June but on two wheels. The London night ride, hopefully completing 60 miles around London streets overnight. Been out riding at 5.30 am to try and avoid the heat. I'm doing mine for Marie Curie Cancer nurses, so complete your run & inspire me. It's a lonely toil. ???

  • Best of luck with the marathon Phil, more power to you! I am also very much up for a pint after the Fleetwood match, perhaps we could meet in the Caledonian post survival?

  • All the best'll walk it! (Oops, run it of course.)

  • Good luck tomorrow Phil.

  • Hope it goes well for you tomorrow Phil.

  • Thank you! And a big thanks also to everyone who has very kindly sponsored me. I’ll think of you all when the going gets tough.

  • @bluntphil said:
    Thank you! And a big thanks also to everyone who has very kindly sponsored me. I’ll think of you all when the going gets tough.

    All the best Phil.

  • Missed how to sponsor you Mr C. Let me know and I’ll add some in, even after the event as you should be snoozing by now. Good luck

  • Good luck Phil and let me know how to contribute to your charity. I ran the London marathon many years ago and you’ll remember the moment you cross the line for the rest of your life.

  • Place (Overall): 34595
    Place (Gender): 21710
    Place (Category): 3723
    Name: Catchpole, Philip (GBR)
    Runner Number: 19412
    Category: 40-44
    Half: 02:29:30
    Finish: 05:24:26

    Braver man than I!

  • Well done, Phil!

  • Good work that man.

  • Hats off.

  • Bloody marvellous Phil.

  • Thank you all. I won’t lie, it was pretty tough but the crowd was unbelievable. Lots of shouts for Wycombe too.

    There was even a packet of crisps in the finishers bag at the end!

  • Brilliant Phil, congratulations. Hope to see you next Saturday after the game in the Caledonian.

  • What @ValleyWanderer said. I think that’s the expression. Hope to see you on Saturday, Phil, even though that will make it a late night for me. If truth be known, I think even @Shev goes to bed earlier than I do !

  • Well done phil

  • I have huge admiration for anyone running a Marathon, not something I could have done in my younger days.

    The London one is a bit special, I've seen family members do it a few years ago, a very enjoyable day just watching, huge numbers lining the course, quite an emotional experience really. The runners met their supporters on Horseguards Parade after finishing, a vast crowd dotted with runners in their silver thermal capes. So exciting just being an onlooker.

    Afterwards we went to a restaurant nearby where anyone showing their medal gets a free meal. I believe that policy is widespread.

  • Lovely post, Steve. Having worked in the Old Admiralty Building overlooking the Parade many years ago I can just imagine what a terrific experience that would be.
    It’s also made me suddenly feel very hungry!

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