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Saunders leaves

Probably no great surprise. Shame, as he was obviously a real talent but we could all see it coming.


  • All the best Sammy. Will never forget the Barnet goal nor the Play-off Final injury

  • Good luck to him this must mean we are bringing in a couple of players. Thats Morris, Williams, Fox, Fred, Cms all gone this month

  • Cheers Sam. All the best for the future!

  • I wonder if it's some necessary belt tightening now that we are looking reasonably likely to be safe from going down. We still have Scotty, Tyson and Bolton in addition to the 4 forwards we played last night. Midfield does look a bit light tbh

  • Loads of people saw this one coming. Yet most thought it'd happen earlier in the window.

    Excellent game changer in his first spell with us. Unfortunately second time around he was nowhere near as effective, and a complete write off this season really.

    Wonder if he'll play on, or whether that's him done now.

  • Cheers Sammy. It was a genuine pleasure to watch you play in a Wycombe Wanderers shirt.

  • Absolute pleasure to have watched him play for us. Hope he plays on at some level.

  • If he hadn’t got injured in the first minute of the play off game against Southend I’m sure we would have won the game. Of course we may have gone down the following season but was a pretty classy player for us.

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  • Thank you Sam, it was a pleasure to watch you. Good luck for the future.

  • Never forget that FA Cup free kick. All the best Sammy.

  • He really leathered it.

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