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Adding some slight colour to a murky, grey few days, reports that Harriman had all but signed for Notts County, only for him to turn them down at the 11th hour.

Have heard that Gaz has pretty much cut him from the squad because he won't sign a new contract. Interesting that he played the other day, but won't be a surprise if he does go.


  • Probably not keen on playing in the National League next season!

  • Nothing against the gaffer but Harriman is a lovely guy and underused footballer in my opinion. If we are reliant on free transfers and free loans for incoming players it would seem odd to be sanctioning players who may eventually want to leave in the same way.

  • Surely the reason he isn't playing is because McCarthy is a better option at right back, rather than Harriman not signing a deal?

    Gaz certainly hasn't shown himself to be a cut his nose off to prove a point type. Stewart was the best example of that

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    I tend to agree. If not signing a new contract is a deal breaker Dom Gape doesn't seem to be getting the same treatment.
    I like Harriman and would love to find a first team spot for him. I'd have him at right back and McCarthy in the middle.

  • Harriman is both underused and a victim of McCarthy's form!

  • In McCarthy & Sido we have two players that can play RB in the starting XI. It’s therefore perfectly understandable not to have another sitting on the bench.

    Like most others I think Harriman is both a great bloke, having spoken with him a few times, and a very decent footballer. I’d love to see him on the pitch but not at the expense of McCarthy on current form and he’s proved recently not to be as reliable at LB.

    I hope he stays but expect he’ll sadly go at the end of the season.

  • Yep, agree with @BlueBoy, it happens like this sometimes.
    I thought it'd happened with Sido, who was originally squeezed out for Harriman, but has done magnificently in the middle to extend his spell.

    Things can change fairly quickly in football though, so you never know, but right now, it looks like a move is the best bet. I think McCarthy is a much better full back then centre back, so I don't think him moving position will happen either.

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