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On the bright side it sounds like they are giving them the whole Beechdean which could be a nice pay day.
(Either that or my neighbours have complained and they are just moving me.)


  • Have you been allocated a particular seat in the Frank Adams @Wendoverman ?
    I’ll not mention mine at this stage!

  • I elected to go to the back of the Family Stand...I find the FA too far from the action.
    I will not swear or harass Doctor Who.

  • You’ll need the oilskins.

  • In March? I predict sunlit uplands as we bask in a new era flushed with cash. (Unless you mean there is a dribbling problem from the stand above?)

  • Got it in one. Well, partly that and partly the leaking roof.

  • no doubt we will have had a retractable all weather roof supplied by our new owner(s) by then?

  • Covering the entire pitch, no doubt.

  • That would be the overcast created by the black and white scarves and overall toxic atmosphere we seem to be gathering at present. Sorry, just slipped out!

  • I'd be up for floodlights that covered the whole pitch

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