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its Deja Vu - All over again

So every likelihood that as per last year WWFC will travel away on the last game of the season uncertain as to what division they will be playing in the following season , supporters nervously checking their phones for scores from games many miles away. lets hope it as happy an occasion as torquay last season for those lucky enough to be able to go.

Meanwhile our old pals Bristol Rovers go into their last game of the season at home against a north midlands side, ten miles away from last years opponents, trying to secure a place in the football league elite. If only they hadn't blown it in the 88th minute last week, their fate would even have been in their own hands. Bless. Mind you you wouldn't want to be a policehorse in bristol this weekend.

i wonder what trumped up allegation of misdeed they will conjure up against barnet if results go against them this weekend.


  • Barnet played Wycombe in League Two when they were fielding an ineligible player because Steve Hayes was going to sell him a year later, so they should be docked points. Type that out and send it to the Football League lawyers...

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