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Sir Andrew Murray

If you’re not tuned in to Eurosport 1 Sky 410 already I recommend that you do so now if you can.


  • Why is there something about Wycombe Wanderers on there?

  • I cannot explain why there is nothing about WW on there. I posted in the “Not Football” category. Perhaps that’s why.

  • He's wearing Wycombe sweat bands I believe

  • Yes, the change strip.

  • Micra is right.

    I cant say Tennis is a sport I am overly interested in but the sight of an aged great former champion trying to make his battered broken body carry him to one last win by sheer force of will is surely compelling.

    Incidentally talking of an aged great former champion seeking one last glory, Martin O'Neill is just about to be appointed manager of Forest.

  • I do believe that Murray is demonstrating Wycombe's 'never say die' attitude right now!

  • A bridge too far I fear.

  • To be fair not a bad way to end if end it is to be.

  • Absolutely.

  • Certainly not going out with a whimper! COYA!

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