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Early Forecasting - League One Play Off Final

At the risk of typecasting myself forever, I suggest I start a Play Off Final prediction thread. The twist would be a reward for early predictions, dividing the number you miss the actual crowd by with the number of days before the game that you made the prediction.

An example: a prediction of Coventry to play Sunderland in front of 92,000 made 100 days before May 26th, could miss by 52,000 if it is actually us against Accrington for the third slot in the Championship, given an actual crowd of 40,000.
The first predictor's score would be 520 and would easily beat anyone who predicted 42,000 for the Wycombe v Accrington game the day before it happened.

Would gasroomers be up for this. If successful I could use it as a model for next season's FA cup game(s).

Small print rules would apply and would include having to name the two sides because I think that would be more fun.
Small prize for the closest prediction divided by the length of time it had been made. At least honourable mentions for those who predict the teams correctly. A different prize if anyone wins the attendance prediction and has the teams correct.

I'll start a thread if there is reasonable interest.



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