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WHC Bristol Second X1 Away

Dramatic end at AP with big effect on the WHC table.

Had Curtis Thompson followed @EwanHoosaami advice, refused the option to shoot that presented itself and instead just lobbed it into the box hoping that a social media rumour that some bloke may or may not make a run may be true, we would have lost 2-1 and Micra would now top the table.

Had as @Wendoverman would suggest, PCH not taken responsibility when an opportunity came along and instead done nothing and then left it to others to decide what to do next cos that's what the club are paying them for innit, we would have drawn 2-2, the top three would all have scored strong points and surged clear. @Ned_Ludd would have climbed to fourth and @Jonny_King would have climbed two places off the bottom.

only kidding guys. At the end of the day on the ownership issue, all you can do is follow your best instincts, vote for what you genuinely believe is the best interests of WWFC and hope like hell that hindsight proves you right.

As it is another glorious win, pushing the threat of relegation further away. GA really is a remarkable manager. The table looks like below. No real change at the top as 9th placed @railwaysteve was the highest placed predictor to choose a home win. @Jonny_King continues to set new records at the other end....

A couple of admin notices
@Wig_and_Pen has not predicted for a good few games now (nor as far as I know been seen on the forum). I have taken the decision for now to take him out of the table. He is obviously welcome to rejoin should he so choose. More importantly i hope is is OK in himself (anyone know?).

@thedieharder has been predicting for a few games now and @perfidious_albion did this week. You are both very welcome and i would be very happy to keep a score for you to end of season if you wish. Would need you to make a £10 donation to Wyc Homeless Connection though. Let me know if you wish to.

AND FINALLY, on to Bristol second eleven next week and to the depressing stadium that even Sainsbury and Bristol rugby club walked away from. Looking like I might make a rare appearance. if there are any WWFC fan twitchers out there motivated by the opportunity of a rare sighting, I'm the good looking one...,.

Pos Team Season Week Movemnt
1 Forever blue 25 -1 0
2 Mooneyman 24 -1 0
3 Oxford Blue 23 -1 0
4 Micra 20 -2 0
5 Railway Steve 15 3 4
6 Dr Congo 15 4 4
7 ned Ludd 13 -1 -1
8 DevC 12 -3 -3
9 LX 12 -1 -1
10 Booker Tease 10 -4 -3
11 HolmerBlue 9 -1 0
12 Twizz 7 -2 0
13 Ox66 7 -1 1
14 Ryan Kirkby 5 -3 -1
15 Uncle T 2 -1 1
16 NorsQuarters 1 4 3
17 Shev -1 -2 0
18 Wendoverman -4 -3 0
19 Onlooker -4 6 4
20 Thicket blue -7 -3 0
21 cecil -10 -1 0
22 Manboobs -13 -3 0
23 York exile -16 -4 1
24 Chris -18 -2 1
25 Johnny King -22 -1 1

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