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Ticket allocation for the Northampton game

Just called the ticket office and was told that there will not be any further allocation above the 944 that are sold out. My son an I are season ticket holders but do did not have the requisite three stubs ( just didn't keep them - schoolboy error ).
The way of allocating is very fair and I have no issues but like everyone without a ticket we are desperate to be there.

If anyone as any tickets they now cannot use or have any other ideas about getting home stand tickets then let me know.

Whatever happens I will be there in spirit. COYB!


  • west stand would be suitable for you.

  • You can't buy tickets from Northampton in the home end now, unless you are already on their database or have an address in Northampton.

  • Would we get away with it, if we live on the NorthamptonSHIRE border near Bicester?

  • We all have friends in the northampton area, tickets is not a problem

  • I don't, I need some Northants friends :(

  • Seems like the fairest way even if my season ticket has failed to get me a ticket. Luckily I have friends from Northampton I shall go with and sit in the main stand. I shall just have to keep sitting on my hands until the end........But I shall BELIEVE just like Torquay last year!!!!!!

  • Already have tickets in the west stand.....going to be a tough day trying to keep quiet!

  • Im sure someone can get u ticket.

  • Just to reiterate my comments on another thread, if you do chose to sit in a home section then do so very quietly. Historically the natives have not take kindly to away fans in any home areas and the Stewards will evict you 'for your own safety'.
    For the Luton game a few weeks back they cross checked tickets sold against the LTFC database and cancelled quite a few of them, refunding money.
    I'm not trying to be antagonistic here - I would be genuinely gutted if I could not get a ticket for a massive game. If you do get a result, just be prepared to sit very quietly until we've all gone home!

  • You can easily convince locals and stewards alike that you are a bona fide Cobblers fan by indulging in demented hollering of the word 'handball' every time a Wycombe player touches the ball (yes, even with his feet).

    As inhabitants of a town built on shoes, I think they fear this rival limb will rise up and make footwear redundant.

  • Easy to get cobblers to get you tickets, as they see this as irrelevent game now. @Luton_Cobbler its not an option now its necessity, people would not choose to but this is a huge moment for us, as last season was, but we did allocate you loads more for the big game last season. Not your fault the side is down, but its not ours. We will have alot on the hills too!

  • @wycombelad I totally understand what you say and to be quite frank I would do exactly the same. Going to be a very interesting last 2 weeks. We look like most of our lads are already on the beach. Fortunately Cheltenham were so bad we beat them with flip flops on
    @arnos_grove HANDBALL!!!

  • Thanks for your input @Luton_Cobbler. I have my ticket for the away end booked. Let's hope for a good-natured party atmosphere to end the season.

  • @arnos_grove Early contender for POTS there.

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