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Mind/EFL On Your Side campaign - Wycombe pin badges

For those not aware, Wycombe scarf pin badges (and those for all 72 clubs for that matter) are available to purchase from Mind as part of the current On Your Side partnership with the EFL. The initiative hasn't had nearly as much exposure as it should so far - I've approached the club about this and have had a promising initial response, though - but this is a great way to support it, with proceeds going to what is a vital cause.


  • I literally had no idea about this initiative, which is frankly ridiculous given the amount that I read about the EFL. Thanks @th100.

  • My understanding is that the EFL and Mind didn't fully agree on just what the partnership entailed until relatively recently, which is why it's been a slow starter. The logo is on all the players' names but that's not necessarily something people will have picked up on. Anyway, hopefully it's more prominent in the second half of the season!

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