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First of the New Year: Coventry at Home - Match 26 - Tuesday 1st Jan 2018 - Attendance Prophecies

First here is the link to the spreadsheet for the Coventry game:

I do occasionally make errors and omissions when transferring the data so it is worth checking. I would rather it was correct and don't mind making corrections.

I have an opinion that this will be hard to predict. Our record against Coventry might make us determined to savour a win, I know I feel less sorry for them than I used. They are likely to bring a large crowd (900 sold on Christmas Eve). Our recent record at home is good except for the one game against the other bogey side from south London.

So I say:

5846 with 1593 well behaved future persons of culture.

May your prophecies prosper in 2019. Up the Blues with two colours.



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