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Player of the season at the halfway point

With the match against Wimbledon signifying the halfway point, who is everyone's player of the season so far? It is an extremely difficult one for me - some players have played brilliantly, but perhaps not enough games (Samuel, Morris, Bloomfield, Bayo, El Abd) and everyone else has contributed in some way, shape or form.

For me, Gape shades it from Thompson at this point, but it is a large field coming into the second half of the season.

  1. Who is the Wycombe player of the season at the halfway point?67 votes
    1. Joe Jacobson
    2. Michael Harriman
    3. Jason McCarthy
    4. Adebayo Akinfenwa
    5. Alex Samuel
    6. Curtis Thompson
    7. Dominic Gape
    8. Fred Onyedinma
    9. Bryn Morris
    10. Adam El Abd
    11. Sido Jombati
    12. Ryan Allop
    13. Paris Cowan-Hall
    14. Randell Williams
    15. Matt Bloomfield
    16. Other


  • I also went with Gape, he's been outstanding

    Just hope we can hang on to him

  • I should state that I completely forgot to add CMS to the poll. He is at least worthy of his own option, rather than being under "other"!

  • Alex Samuel has played a massive part in transforming, in a couple of months, the style of our attacking play. In quite a few games we have had defences reeling.

  • Thompson, Gape and Onyedinma also very strong contenders.
    We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented lineup.

  • Has to be Thompson for me. To come in as sixth choice central midfielder, on a short term contract having done little of notability last season, and work himself into a clear starter through billigerance, tenacity, and sheer bloody mindedness has been a delight to watch. He covers every blade of grass, is strong in the tackle, shows real power on and off the ball, plays intelligently and is proving to be a first-rate partner for Gape. He is tactically astute, especially when it comes to positioning, and doesn't seem tempted to ever go for the glory shot from distance, instead always looking to play a clever short pass forward that generally connects with one of our players. He also provides fantastic cover when the defence get forward. A real unsung hero of this season so far.

  • Good summary, @aloysius - the Thompson story is such a strange one too, and to me, reflects well on GA. While Notts County could not find a place for him in a League Two promotion fight - to the point of loaning him to a rival, GA has him as a vital cog in a quality League One side.

  • Let's hold Gape open

  • Let's get 'other' in the winning circle

  • Much as I live @Shev this is a massive waste of colours. Or is it? The liberalisation of weed is fuc...yeah

  • Thompson is the surprise package his tenacity is key to our current firm. Got s feeling we will get some Christmas cheer revhis contract pre the Wimbledon game.
    Personally really pleased for Sido, great character.

  • I went for Samuel simply because he terrified defences before he started scoring and now he's adding goals to his game...he may be the find of the season!

  • also a shout out to Thompson...a suddenly scoring El-Abd and a resolute JJ. And all the good players we have injured or on the bench, who are all playing their part.

  • I voted for El-Abd due to his strong leadership and never say die attitude.

  • Who would have predicted those three front runners at the start of the season?

  • certainly a couple of Gasroomers I can think of would not.

  • I’ve gone for Sido. I know he isn’t the best central defender we have but I love to watch him play even if sometimes it is between my fingers. But he comes in and out, plays wherever he is told and always seems to give his best and be happy.

    But aren’t there a great range of choices.

  • Another vote for Sido. Feels to say it about a player who constantly stands out for so many reasons, and is forever a joy to watch, but reckon he's been the quiet star of the team over the last few months.

  • This sounds so hackneyed but I cannot think of any player on the list that has not contributed in a major way at some (crucial?) point and I feel that it's somehow not in the spirit of this particular special team to vote for just one player. I wish I could vote for the them all including the management team. We are fortunate to be enjoying special times.

  • What @ValleyWanderer said. Fingers crossed we go into January with our eyes fixed on the top of the table rather than over our shoulder!

  • Very much agree with @ValleyWanderer - even though I voted for Alex who seems to me to be Extra Special in a very special squad. (You can tell where I shop!)

  • Who would have thought at the end of last season we would have a poll at Xmas (well almost) where Bayo didn't even get one vote out of 48 to date.

  • Its an extra special squad for sure micra.
    So good I wonder, would Luke 09 get a game if he were still here ?!?

  • Dom Gape for me. The whole squad has been superb, but Gapey has been outstanding since the first game and continued to play at a high standard since. Brilliant consistency, hope he stays and signs another contract.

    JJ, Sido, Thompson, Mccarthy, Morris, Fred and Williams not far behind.

  • So many contenders but Sido for me. I agree with everything @bookertease and @MindlessDrugHoover said about him, an absolute joy to watch, the unsung hero this season.

  • Sido for me closely followed by gape

  • We seem to have forgotten how often Fred has terrorised defences. Hard to believe that he’s not had a single vote.

  • I haven’t forgotten Fred. I only have one vote and I used it up on Curtis. Fred was right up there in my thinking. I am, however, wishing there was an β€œall of them” option, as mentioned by @ValleyWanderer above.

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