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The Alex Samuel Interview!

edited December 2018 in Football

Hi Everyone, if you didn't know, my friend and I have been making podcasts for Wycombe Wanderers in the past few months and today we have just uploaded a very special interview with our star forward Alex Samuel! We hope you all enjoy! Please share with all the fans and keep up to date with the podcast as we will be uploading regular podcasts again soon! Click the link to listen to our exclusive interview with Alex Samuel here:


  • Thanks for posting that. Really enjoyed it

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  • Thanks very much! Glad you liked it!

  • Sounded a lovely relaxed interview, also Alex comes across as another top bloke added to a squad that on the face of it has a fantastic team spirit.

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  • I think it was Scott Kashket who said recently that Alex was the nicest person he knew. He certainly comes across as very modest, personable and relaxed.

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  • Definitely agree! He's a lovely lad

  • Great work, @RealMaxim743 - you have really raised your game with the past two podcasts, with the interviews with JJ and Samuel both really great to listen to. You asked some really interesting questions in both cases. A tip of the to the club, and Matt Cecil in particular, for getting this set up!

    I look forward to whoever is next!

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  • Nice one, guys. I could have listened to more of this and would be interested to hear more about the background of the people you interview. But well done for taking a professional approach to the interview and doing some good research on the person you were speaking to beforehand.

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  • Middle name 'Kinloch'. super

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  • Thanks for your comments everyone!! It's really appreciated

  • Good work, an excellent interview where Alex comes across as an intelligent and articulate young man who'll hopefully keep banging them in for the Blues for a while to come.
    It was interesting when he said he was inspired by Bayo when he was younger, I was thinking during the Barnsley game that his game bear some similarities in terms of using strength to hold off defenders and bring team mates into play. Although he's not a 'unit', Alex more than holds his own against defenders who look like they should have him for breakfast. Combined with his phenomenal work rate to press the opposition high up the pitch, Bayo might have a hard time getting back in the team when he's fit again.

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