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West Brom FA Cup home game 26 years ago today...

Just happened to think about this game now, looked up the date and, stone the crows, it was 26 years ago to the day. Such excitement!


  • In my head, Stapleton moved from left back to midfield during the 2nd half and the effect it had was like when Gerrard came on against us in the semi final. He absolutely ran the game

    Is that what actually happened?

  • Wow.

    What a day that was .

    I remember queing up for about 6 hours in the drizzle for a ticket when they went on sale , we were at adams park at about 4am , and were about 20th in the queue.

    The game itself was on my 18th birthday , and the game itself was the best ever birthday present .

    The terrace was packed . Easily a sell out . Driving rain . Live on sky tv .

    Kim casey could have scored in the 1st minute however went of injured instead .

    The 2nd half was immense , when Tommo's equaliser went in there was bedlam on the terrace , we ended up in a totally different part of the terrace to where we had started.

    A truly truly memorable amazing day in both my life , and also the history of wycombe wanderers .

    Combined with Paul Emblem at Lincoln away and the amazing turnaround at home to a Phil Babb led Coventry , these have to rate as the 3 most 'crazy leaps' .

    Very Happy Daze ! !

  • EmbleN

    Wimbledon away when they missed the decisive penalty I ended up on my back in between seats about 3 rows in front of where I was originally standing. Not sure there will ever be another game quite like that

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  • Wasn't it Simon Garner's performance in that game and the replay that persuaded O'Neill to sign him? Possibly the best thing to come out of the whole fixture.

  • good to see (weirdly edited) highlights again. I had no recollection of the rain. Taking what was it 3000? 4000? away always struck me as a real statement of future potential.

    Best ever game by a mile was Torquay and the release of emotion at the end but I may have mentioned that before......

  • The replay was something else, 4500 travelling midweek, fantastic atmosphere. I didn't see it myself but I was told a guy was serving tea from an urn strapped to his back. Positively medieval!

  • We played magnificently that night. Steve Thompson was out of this world. What a player he was

  • Thommo was top, top drawer.

  • I think I watched that game at a pub in Beaconsfield Old Town - one of the few to have Sky Sports at the time. Then I wasn't a WWFC supporter but soon became one.

  • I remember this as the game that got me hooked on football, had been following Wycombe for around 15 months at that point and was enjoying it. But this was the first match that I was gripped by

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