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AGM feedback

For whatever reason Live Feed didn’t work for al, or some of us. Any news on American bid?


  • Apologies for the failure of the Live Stream. I will try to update Trust website over next day or two with relevant information.

  • The latest on the bid was communicated by Trevor Stroud.

    The proposed date for Bill Luby and Jim Collis to present to the Trust legacy members is Monday 14th January. The venue will not be at Adams Park and is TBC as the board are keen to have as many of the legacy members to attend as possible and the capacity of the Vere Suite is 300.

    Voting will open after this presentation and the window for voting will be three weeks.

    I spoke with Trevor after the presentation and he informed me that details of the proposed bid will be available to Trust legacy members before Christmas, ahead of the presentation by Bill Luby and Jim Collis.

    It was also stressed that the cut off date to become a Trust legacy member to be able to vote on the proposed investment is Saturday 8th December (Barnsley at home). To qualify you need to have been a season ticket holder for at least the last three seasons and be a member of the Trust (£10 per year).

    Over 400 season ticket holders who will qualify for Legacy membership if they were to join the Trust have been sent communications to make them aware of this fact. Up to the date of the AGM, 40 have done so, taking the number of Legacy members to 674. However, it was revealed that approx 40 legacy members will lose their vote if they do not pay their £10 Trust membership for this year (due on 1/11/18) by the 8th December.

    The chairmans update on the potential investment finished with a plea to not allow apathy to decide the future of Wycombe Wanderers. An abstention will count as a no vote.

    Away from the proposed investment, it was revealed that we will have news about a brand new big screen for Adams Park very soon, but it is unlikely that we will see it installed before the end of the current season.

    There was a very informative presentation by Paul Foley who runs the Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust. In my opinion, the amount of people they connect with in the community and the breadth of work they do is hugely impressive. For more info:

  • Given the problems, can we please have an unedited version of the whole event?

  • @NiceCarrots what does that mean? I thought the summary was fine.

  • I think @NiceCarrots is after the full stream to be uploaded so that the entire meeting can be viewed, which is fair enough. Hopefully the stream can be uploaded for all by the Trust.

    My update only covered the investment update, a mention of the screen (big news!) and shining a light on WWSET.

  • Again with apologies for the breakdown of the Live Stream (for reasons yet known), the slides around which we talked last night can be found here
    Thanks to @bluntphil for his most accurate summary - clearly he was able to stay up later than me after a long day of preparation etc.

    More information will follow including the WWSET presentation.

  • Phil never sleeps.

  • The WWSET chap was very impressive I thought, and interesting that a number of players from the youth teams they run have moved onto some big clubs, although the ones who went to Oxford and Franchise must have mis behaved in some way.
    One would hope that if they spotted an “Ibe” that there is a mechanism for keeping that boy within the club.

  • The audience seemed a bit muted with few questions being asked, maybe because their was no election.
    I liked the media/ entertainment chap , despite the name dropping in his speech. I think he’ll freshen up the board and bring something different to the table. The existing board is dominated by finance sales and business types, which although very important is rather dull. Spectator sport is in the entertainment business after all, and WWFC is a major visitor attraction in the area.
    Maybe he can get some of his celeb contacts down to AP to help boost bums on seats.
    Kylie Minogue in the Caledonian suit after a game would be fun.

  • thanks for that summary @bluntphil . Most useful.

  • Thanks to @bluntphil and for different reasons to @Stewie63. I know I’m not alone in having cringed a little when I read the third person section of Bob Massie’s CV and I had mixed feelings about his “stand up” style of presentation. He will certainly bring something different to the table.

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