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Basic Wycombe Knowledge quiz

When was the last time that Wycombe Wanderers won five 3rd Division/Division 2/League 1 home fixtures in a row (not including cups or friendlies)?


  • Wwfcofficial says 1995

  • It's the third division. Anyone who says otherwise is an mk supporter

  • I suspect Wwfcofficial is correct. We certainly won 5 in a row at the end of the 94/95 season, making a late bid for the playoffs as I remember, before losing our last home game v Plymouth. Any other season our 6th place finish would have been enough of course.

  • edited November 2018

    There was a more recent run of five league home Third Division victories than 1994/95.

  • 2010/11?

  • @Chris We weren't in the 3rd Division/Division 2/League 1 that season.

  • We did it at the end of 196/97 too, as part of an impressive 8 wins from our last 10 home games. The 2 we didn’t win were both draws, against the now Premiership Bournemouth and Watford. I don’t think we’ve done 5 in a row since, not at this level.

  • @Doob You're getting close, name those five games

  • Who won the league in 196/97? Glastonbury?

  • P’Boro 2-0, Bristol R 2-0, Shrews 3-0, Blackpool 3-0, Burnley 5-0.
    Not a bad run of results!
    For Burnley, as I recall, the story at the time was that the half time draw (on the pitch) was supposed to be made by ex-Blackburn hero Super Simon Garner, but with it being 4-0 already, rather than risk a riot from the somewhat unhappy Burnley fans, a more neutral candidate was found!

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