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  • That's the only silver lining of injuries at the goalkeeper position - there are so many fine stoppers sitting on benches around the country owing to the nature of the position. I think about Burnley, who I believe still have Hart, Heaton and Pope on their books!

  • Quite a coup (on paper at least).

    Still wonder if don't bother signing one, just get loans plan is the best way for lower league teams.

  • How many goalkeepers are you allowed to use over a season???
    Rocky, Yves, Matty Ingram, Stockdale...

  • I don't think there is any limit to how many keepers a team can use. There are limits around how many loans (regardless of position) but emergency loans are exempt.

  • Do we get any money if we get into the Guinness Book of Records...?

  • Long way to go yet. Plymouth got through EIGHT last season.

  • Think our record for a season is five off the top of my head.

  • I am sure there was a season when we had absolutely loads - the season Steve Brown had a go maybe?

  • @Tom Was that the season we had two different outfield players go in goal in one game? Think that was Brownie and maybe Richard Harris. We would have had Frank Talia then and maybe Steve Williams?

  • We had three keepers sent off in one season back in the mid-90s, I seem to recall, including the mighty Sieb Diskstra (Hyde and Roberts the other two?).

  • In the great 86/78 season we used 3 keepers in an early season league game . Gary Lester going off injured just before half time ,Noel (God ) Ashford filled in for the last few minutes of the half with Graham Bressington taking over for the second half . Bressington played an entire league game in goal at Farnborough later in the season . These names will mean a lot to those over 40 in an era with no keeper on the bench and sometimes if both your keepers were injured or suspended you had to play an out field player for an entire game.Who recalls Dave Bullock doing that job in the 1970s?

  • Typo above should read 86/87 season

  • Dave Bullock was a former junior coach of mine, cracking bloke. Im pretty sure he started out at Watford as a keeper. He played in goal a number of times for the Wanderers.

  • The late Howard Kennedy mastered the unusual feat of featuring in goal for the Wanderers and notching a hatrick in the same game.
    The 4-2 victory over Burnham at the Gore in the B&B in the 81/82 season.

  • I have the feeling it was a fairly big game when Dave Bullock played in goal (Enfield?). I just remember coming in about 10 minutes to kick-off, seeing him in goal for the warm up and my heart sinking. but didn't it end 0-0 or something? Or maybe he only let 1 in.

  • We won 2-1, against an Enfield side that suprisingly finished 6th bottom as the Wanderers finished as champs.

  • Rather than derail it (as is apparently my wont)I shall bring this thread back on track by suggesting that in the absence of Rocky tomorrow we might refer to his temporary replacement as Stocky.

  • Fans are calling him David Coverdale, rightly or wrongly

  • Can’t think why. Certainly no physical resemblance. Any thoughts?

  • Covering for Rocky. Got it. Not sidesplittingly witty though.

  • edited November 2018

    For some reason I feel he is going to play well against Accrington (cue a 5-0 pasting).

  • @oilysailor most number of keepers used in one season please?

  • If I understood correctly what GA said in his post-match interview with @bluntphil yesterday it seems that David Stockdale will be with us until one of the senior ‘keepers is fit to play. If I am right that is surely very good news.

  • David coverdale.
    I was going to say not the drone army's finest wit, but probably is in fairness.

  • Heard from a Leeds fan that Leeds went for Stockdale as an emergency loan too but we’d pipped them to the post by mere minutes.

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